Nothing says summer like an old fashioned clam bake, am I right?  That is what today’s Maine wedding was: a lobster & clam bake.  The bride fell in love with her lace wedding gown, so she also incorporated a vintage garden feel into her decor and DIY.

I think the presentation bouquet is making a comeback, and these DIY ones are so lovely.

The bride is a professional photographer, so they also took photos with Holgas and slide film and incorporated them into some photos.
Is this not the best ring shot ever?  

The bride and groom each painted a cornhole board with fun images of each other – so cute!

The bride’s parents built (with their own hands) a dozen farm tables for the guests.  How amazing is that!?  

The bride’s advice for a wedding must-do?  It’s no surprise from a photographer: Just in general, I wanted everything documented. You can never have too many photographs because everything goes by so fast!”  

Everything in this wedding was DIY by the couple and their family and friends.  The wedding was held at the groom’s parents’ home in Monmouth, Maine.  And the fantastic photos were done by Amanda Borozinski of Boro Creative Visions.

Pretty impressive DIY huh?  I’m still in awe at the farm tables built by the bride’s parents!  What do you think of a clambake wedding?  It is definitely one I’d love to attend.  How about you?