You know I love mason jars, and you know I love mason jars in weddings.  I’ve done quite a few posts on how to use mason jars in weddings (see here, here, and here to start!) but what about what to do with them after your wedding has passed (or what to do with them if you just happen to love and have a lot of mason jars)?  Today, I’m sharing a weekend project I did with my own collection: DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispensers!


Now I know there have been a couple of similar tutorials out there, but none of them worked for me.     I used the original vintage zinc lid – they look so much better than those flimsy canning lids, plus I have a bunch of them from my treasure hunting.  Which is why the other tutorials were a problem for me – they didn’t show you how to drill properly into those lids.  So this DIY will work for any kind of mason jar lid you use.  But really, use the zinc lids – so much cooler.  

Here’s what you will need:
mason jar (obvs)
zinc lid
drill bit for drilling metal
metal soap (or lotion) dispenser pump
marker or pencil
newspaper or paper bag
liquid hand soap
about 15 minutes

To start, mark a circle approximately the size of the pump that will go through the lid so you know how big a hole you’ll need.  I didn’t do exact measurements.  I’m the queen of winging it (baking, putting together furniture, and mason jar DIYs – I make my own rules!)  As you can see in the picture on the right, the real zinc lids are lined with porceline, so you need to get this out.  On to step two!
First, you’re going to make a little mess, so lay some newspaper (or an old grocery bag, ala me) under your work space.  Hammer a nail into the lid until you hear the porceline crack.
Once the porceline breaks (like the photo on the left) dump the remaining porceline out – it should come out fairly easily, and look like the photo on the right.
Here’s where my winging it really kicked in.  I hammered a few more holes into the circle I had drawn to make the drilling easier.  Then I used my drill and the biggest bit for drilling metal that I had (I think it was 1/4) and started drilling away.  You may want to use protective eyewear (though I did not, because the queen of winging it doesn’t wear protective eyewear).


Drill until you get a hole close to the size you drew (see that mine was definitely not exact, but it fit & worked and that is all that matters).  Once your hole is done, insert your pump.  You may need to trim the plastic tube if it doesn’t fit in your jar.  I just clipped a couple inches off the bottom of mine with scissors.
Much like you want to use the zinc lids, you want to use a metal pump.  The plastic ones don’t look good with the zinc lid.  I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought two lotion pumps on clearance for like $4 and threw away the containers and used those pumps.  Or you can find them online but they are more expensive.


Pour the hand soap into your mason jar and screw on the zinc lid.


I made one for my kitchen with the mason jar my husband found in the Transylvannian forest while filming Hatfields & McCoys, and one for my bathroom using one of the mason jars I used in my wedding.  Don’t they look so good!?  And if you look in the background of the photo on the left, you’ll see another way I use my mason jars and vintage bottles – I love displaying them in windows and letting the sunlight shine through!
So what do you think?  Have I inspired you to make your own or to create a whole new DIY idea to reuse your wedding decor items?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!