You know the contributor to today’s DIY – She already shared the Woodburned Table Numbers DIY from her Rustic Southern DIY Wedding.  And today she’s back to share the DIY for her Chicken Wire + Window Escort Cards Display, which I super love!  So, take it away Katie!

List of supplies:

-cardstock tags for the seating cards

-baker’s twine

-mini clothes pins

-old window

-chicken wire


-staple gun
-wire cutters


-safety goggles (if you break the glass out of the window)

-break out glass of old window with a hammer (wear gloves and safey goggles – safety first!)
– cut chicken wire with wire cutters and staple it to window frame with a staple gun 
-once you have the chicken wire stapled down you can attach your escort cards with the mini clothespins

Now you can use whatever type of escort card you want, handwrite them, print them, or have a calligrapher do them for you.  The type of card you choose and style of writing or font you select will make them you!  Here’s Katie’s story of what she did:

First I found the tags. I searched on etsy for “Craft paper gift tags.”  I used these.  Here are some others that I think would work well: round craft tags, metallic paper tags, luggage style tags, craft + chevron tags.  The rule on the tags is the bigger the better. Try to get some just over (or larger than) 2 inches. I employed the help of my neighbor to write the names, and we sat with my guest list spreadsheet and wrote them out.  After I purchased the tags, I searched for baking twine and mini clothes pins on etsy.

After a long day of wedding errands, I convinced my mom to pull over at this little antique store in my hometown because I needed a window. As we’re getting out of the car she says, “Katie, I really don’t think you’ll find one here.” What do you know, there was a six paned window with a broken pane right out front (in the weather so it was all distressed, yay!) for $5. We bought the chicken wire at Home Depot and I had an upholstery staple gun. My mother made it sound like removing the panes would be easier than it actually was. I tried to remove the seals from around the panes but it just wasn’t working. So I did what any good resourceful, farm girl would do….I grabbed a hammer and went to banging on the glass on our front porch. I MUST add a disclaimer here to WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES. Also, it would probably be best to spread out something to catch the shards of glass (and there will be millions of them). From there I went on to cutting the chicken wire with wire cutters and stapling them down. I did scratch up my hands pretty bad doing this, so be sure to wear gloves. 

I really love this because it is both DIY and upcycling something old, both a touch of rustic + a touch of vintage, and so pretty to boot.  I think it turned out beautifully, don’t you?  Thanks to Katie for sharing!

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All photos by TimWill Photography