This wedding has “personality” written all over it.  From the bride’s fun pink dress, to the sweet Dr. Seuss quote on their programs, to the cake topper, it is all them.  I just love that.  Enjoy!

From the bride (with a little bit of commentary from me in bold):

I had an extremely busy schedule leading up to the wedding day.  The Tuesday before the wedding I had my Ph.D. proposal (about trying to find the gamma-ray emission site in a type of very bright galaxy called blazars- what the what!?  crafty AND a genius!) so in the weeks before the wedding I was at school until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. every day. People would ask me, “How is the wedding coming along?” and I responded that they really should be asking how is the proposal coming because I had my mom and sister do the wedding stuff. Because everyone was really busy, a lot of little stuff didn’t get done until literally the day before the wedding (programs, etc.). The night before, I went to Jason’s parents’ house to visit with their family who had come from out of town. I had to leave early because I still hadn’t put together my veil (at like 8pm the night before).  I knew all along that the wedding and my Ph.D. proposal would coincide, but I still wanted to have so many DIY details because I just love crafty-type things and they were a lot of fun to put together.  In all honesty, everything wouldn’t have looked as nice as it did if my mom and sister hadn’t worked their butts off on that stuff, and I really credit them with taking care of a lot of the details when I was trapped at school.  Even though they drove me a little crazy, in the end I’m so glad the DIY details were there (take note of this sentence DIY-aspiring brides!). I think my favorite detail was the books on the tables.  Jason and I are both HUGE bookworms and sci-fi nerds (that’s kind of a given, being that he’s an aerospace engineer and I’m getting my Ph.D. in astrophysics). About two-thirds of the books came from our collection of books. Some were even textbooks from our undergrad/grad classes.  And of course, as big time “sci-fi nerds,” we had to have very special cake toppers, Star Wars’ Han and Leia (love that Leia has a bouquet!)

What did I tell you?  So good, right?  A perfect example of making your wedding YOU.  Well done Amanda & Jason (and Amanda’s mom and sister!).   What is your favorite personal element?  I think mine is that cake topper and I love that boutonniere (which was also DIY, BT-dubs!)  I want to hear yours in the comments!

{Vendors} Photography:  Jessica Schmitt Photography / Church: Our Lady of the Chesapeake Catholic Church / Reception: Historic London Town and Gardens / Caterer: The Wild Orchid Cafe­­ / Music: C & J Entertainment / Florist: The Wishing Well Florist / Cake: Caroline’s Cakes / Groom’s Suit: J. Crew / Bride’s Dress: Designed and Handmade by Barbara Deckert Coture Hair: Stacey Dumsha / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bridal Boutique / Rings: Berman’s Jewelers