Why have a boring old bar or self serve your wedding beverages in *gasp* coolers when you can create a cool and unique drink display using vintage things you can find at a flea market or even around your house?  Here are my favorite vintage drink displays for your vintage wedding.

{Dresser Drink Display}

{Champagne on Ice in a Wagon – It’s Portable!}
 {Drinks in a Boat}
 {Serve Wine in Half A Wine Barrell}
{styling by Bash, Please & photos by Tinywater via Design Sponge}
 {Serving Tray Drawer}
 {A Beverage Bathtub}
 {A Rusty Old Pickup Turned Rustic Drink Display}
So my lovelies, what do you think?  Do you love these rustic and vintage beverage set-ups?  Which is your favorite?  Have you seen or done something unique not listed here.  I’d love to hear your ideas!