I am totally facinated with and inspired by the 1920’s.  The fashion, the parties, the literature and art, the cigarettes on those long sticks…  It is all so fabulous.  And I love a good mint julep!  I would love to see a Gatsby styled wedding, (done right and not overly costume-y).  Here’s my take:

{palette}  telegram tan, antique white, mint 
{inspiration} think Zelda Fitzgerald in Paris in the 1920’s.  Oh, and that reminds me: if you didn’t see Midnight in Paris over the summer you MUST rent, netflix, or download it.  It is so lovely.

I’m going to have some great guest posters stopping by for the rest of the week while I enjoy some downtime visiting my family and enjoying some real fall weather back in Ohio with my boys.  Please stop by and show them some love.  xx