This couple is like, THE CUTEST.  I mean, they are both so good looking, but also totally adorable together.  You can see how happy and how much in love they are, and that is my favorite thing about wedding photos.  

Some notes from Bailey, the bride:

I had a 5 month engagement, meaning the key to making it the wedding of my dreams was to delegate! My grandpa made all the “wood” accents (centerpieces, pillars, and cake holder) out of trees from his backyard; my friend made our bouquets out of dahlias from a someone’s backyard;  I borrowed all the vases from a friend who got married the year before, and the arber from my mom’s friend. Essentially, all the decor I used was borrowed or homemade.  It meant the world to me to have my grandpa contribute something he is so talented at to the wedding.  Johnny and I both love the outdoors and that’s why we wanted to give a more “natural” feel to the wedding. 

Johnny and I wanted our wedding to be not just about us, but about celebrating the people in our lives whom we love. My favourite moment of the day (if I could even pick!) – was when Johnny and I left the ceremony and into our getaway car. I t was just the two of us and just looking at each other and saying, “we just got married!”, was one of the most memorable moments of the day.  The whole day was just fantastic though. 

Congrats Bailey & Johnny on having the wedding of your dreams, and on your marriage!