Two years ago today, my new hubs and I embarked upon our Italian honeymoon, by way of a 26 hour layover in Paris.  It was, by FAR, the most amazing time I have ever had in my life.  I still daydream of walking hand in hand along the Seine, of kissing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, of eating amazing pasta and profiteroles and drinking red wine (and having no hangover the next day because Italian wine is so magical!)  I left a little bit of my heart in Florence, along with a lock with our names written on it on the Ponte Vecchio with the keys thrown in the Arno river below, because we were told this would ensure that we would stay together and return to Florence one day (an old Italian tale).  So I wanted to share a little of our honeymoon adventure with you today, mostly to have an excuse to look at our pictures again!  WARNING:  We were there for two weeks, so it’s gonna be a LONG post 🙂




 (we got rained on a bit, but Lucca was still one of the most charming stops on our trip)
{Cinque Terre}

(if we look like we’re glowing, it is because we hiked as far back as you can see…)
{Pisa, San Gimignano, & Siena}


(the hubs was a bit sick in all of the “sunglasses” photos – he caught an Italian cold)


(the $150 dollar 15 minute gondola ride was totally worth it, but only because it was our honeymoon)

For any brides-to-be out there, I would highly recommend an Italian honeymoon!  And make sure to bring back some wine and balsamic (I know the perfect place to get it in Florence!)  Bring some back for me too please…

*all photos were taken by me; please do not reproduce or use on your blog without asking permission*