So if you loved this morning’s modern wedding (and it seems like a lot of you did) you will love this part two segment, with a focus on the couple’s invites and some words from the bride.

From Jessica:

My husband and I only had about 5 months to plan our wedding!  We were engaged in Paris, under the Eiffel tower in September 2010, and knew we wanted to be married right away.  We wanted an intimate wedding, that allowed us to show our friends and family our beautiful connection and the interests that brought us together in the first place.  My husband is an architect and I just graduated with a degree in interior design; we are in love with classic styles and modern architecture; we also love spending our time enjoying the arts and are total foodies (love to cook), so the Guthrie and The Dining Studio were options that we felt would really allow our personalities to shine; we also chose Paige Winn because we felt she completely understand us and knew how to capture us on film, which she totally did!

We created our own wedding invites. We love graphic design too and so this was a fun, yet time-consuming project 🙂  We used a ticket as the major design element as we wanted to tie this into the venue.  We added our own personal touch by creating a graphic text pattern with descriptive words that come from some poems my husband wrote for me.

How did you make your wedding “YOU”?

I think what made my wedding ME were the little details that are a little quirky – I did things the unconventional way:  very little planning, the invitation, the morning wedding, the cupcakes, the simplicity of things…  What I had always dreamed about though, is that my father would sing me into marriage; which is exactly what he did 🙂  It was really special – rather than him walking me down the aisle to give me away (there really wasn’t an aisle anyway) he sang us into marriage. 

Thanks to Jessica and Paige Winn Photo for sharing this lovely wedding with us!  It is a perfect example of everything Oh Lovely Day is all about: DIY, personal details, and making your wedding YOU.  Whether that is a rustic chic bride, a traditional bride, or a modern minimalist bride – make it you!