Are you a fan of music or vintage paper?  If so, this anthropologie-inspired DIY pinata might be right up your alley.  It would be great DIY project for a wedding or photo shoot.  You can fill it with anything, but the idea is to fill it with “love notes.”  They could be notes from famous couples throughout history or from your favorite films, from you and your husband to each other, or from your wedding guests to you, the couple.

You take a balloon (oversized ones work best), soak newspaper strips in water and glue, and cover the balloon.  Let the balloon dry, then cover in strips of vintage sheet music (you could also use vintage book pages, but be sure to use already damaged books!).  After that dries, pop the balloon and cut a hole where you will insert your love notes or other filling.  Then reattach the cut piece and cover with more sheet music.  Then hang with string, ribbon, or whatever you choose.