One of the most important elements of a wedding (or any “party” for that matter) is good music.  I’ve been to weddings with bad DJs and bad music and there is really nothing worse.  I’m a DJ girl myself, but whether you have a DJ or a band (or an ipod), a good playlist is a must.  If you are in the LA area, I can’t recommend my wedding DJ enough.  Shout out to Danny Farrell of NYC DJ’s – holla!

You have to trust your DJ enough to allow him or her to do their job.  Don’t micro-manage by giving them a complete playlist.  You need to make two lists.  Make a “do not play” list – mine included songs like the “Electric Slide,” “YMCA,” “The Macarena,” etc. and a couple of popular songs at the time that we weren’t fans of.  Also make a short “must play” list for all of those songs you love, that are important to you, that you and your friends have a dance routine to, etc.  These should be the songs that your wedding wouldn’t be complete without.  My list included “Country Roads,” “Like a Prayer,” and old school Notorious B.I.G.

A fun way to get your guests in on the action is to allow them to make requests.  We allowed our guests to make requests but gave our DJ guidelines as well, such as no songs from our “do not play” list even if requested and no country music unless it went with the flow (like old school Garth was ok but please no super popular Rascal Flatts!).  The result was a really fun party with everyone dancing and having a good time.

Want to earn bonus points in the DJ request department?  Give your guests DJ request cards at their place settings or with their favors.  The super cute cards below are made available by The Wedding Chicks for free in a variety of colors!  Get the download here.

What songs are on your “Must Play” or “Do Not Play” Lists?