The Gift To Give in 2017: The Nugget

Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day

I don’t often dedicate a full post to one product or discovery, but this one has been such a huge hit and I’ve received SO many questions about it via email and Instagram messages that I feel like it deserves its own post. If you only buy your family one thing this year, it should be a Nugget.

If you aren’t already familiar with the magic that is the Nugget and are thinking “what the heck is a nugget?” then this post is your answer. It is part furniture, part playground, easily portable and washable, safe and comfy, and basically the perfect product for my family. And while it might seem like a gift for your kids (and it is, mine are obsessed!) it is also a gift for YOU. Because once you bring a Nugget into your home, you won’t hear yourself saying things like “stop jumping on the couch! That’s not a toy! No climbing on the furniture!” The Nugget is meant to be jumped and climbed on, but it is also a kid-friendly, comfy, and washable place to sit, sleep, cuddle, read, and relax.

Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day

My kids are known to read on it one minute and then drag it into different formations to play. They create castles, perform puppet shows, and build jump ramps, tunnels and slides. It gives them a place to play and focus their energy indoors, which is a lifesaver when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor play. And as a mom of three little boys, I can’t tell you how much this has saved my sanity! My boys no longer destroy my white sofa. They don’t rough house in the living room. They aren’t bouncing off the walls. And they haven’t been bored, because there is always a new idea or creation we can make with our Nugget. The possibilities are endless.

Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day

They climb mountains. They slide. They tunnel. They hide. They perform. They fly. They let their imaginations go wild and have fun. My oldest even turned it into a Haunted House for his little brothers around Halloween. He performs puppet shows for them. They all are able to work on their gross motor skills and balance without even realizing it.

Many have asked what room we have it in. We recently moved into a new home, so right now the nugget mostly lives in the front room (which would be considered a living room) because we have no furniture in there yet and the kids love to play on it. Sometimes we bring it into the family room and the kids watch tv on it while my husband and I get the couch. When my oldest son was sick and didn’t want to sleep on his top bunk, we moved it to his room and he slept on it all night (and loved it!). It fits a twin sheet perfectly, so it will be great for sleepovers down the road too. Eventually, it will go down in our basement for movie and game watching and play and I’d like to get a second one to go in the “living room” which we will be turning into a family library. Since we got this one they have released new colors and I’m dying for a grey one with the matching zipper for a more styled space, while our current one in the vibrant blue fits perfectly into a more fun and relaxed room.

Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely DayChandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day

Side note: we also love that Ruggish play rug, which is a stylish design on one side, and flips over to be a modern and fun road design on the other. My kids love playing on it and laying on it, and I love that I can flip it over when they are done and make the room look more like a grown up space.

Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day

We’ve had ours for almost two months and it is in just as good of shape as day 1. The pillows hold up to all of the jumping and climbing and sitting. I haven’t had to wash it yet, although the covers do unzip and are machine washable. Not a day has gone by that we haven’t used it since we got it, which to me is the best sign of a must-have product. If you have questions or want to learn more, follow Nugget on Instagram, where they answer lots of FAQs!

Last but not least, if you were hoping for a Black Friday deal, you’re in luck! On Black Friday they’ll be doing two things:

1) Bringing back old Nuggets at $209.

2) Sharing a $10-off code while supplies last for all Nuggets on the site.

New Nuggets (the new color releases with matching zippers) will bump down from $229 to $219 with the code. Our Nuggets (the older colors with white zippers) will bump down from $209 to $199 with the code. The code will be released on Nugget’s Instagram feed and it’ll be an as-supplies-last deal. Nuggets go fast, so be sure to follow them for the code. And as always, they have free shipping to the lower 48 states and offer multi-pack discounts ($25 off each additional Nugget in your cart automatically)!

Chandra's Favorite Thing 2017: Family-friendly home must-have. Nugget Comfort | Oh Lovely Day

So that’s why we love our Nugget in a nutshell. We hope to add to our Nugget family in 2018 and I’ll be sure to share more on my instagram feed as well, so follow along there to see all the ways my boys love to use it. You can also see past posts on IG under the #thefredrickboysandtheirnugget feed.

Do you have a Nugget already or is one on your Holiday wish list this year?

PS- if you aren’t a newsletter subscriber, click here to see all of my Black Friday deals round-up. And you can find my entire Holiday Gift Guide for 2017 on Pinterest. I’ll be adding more until Christmas!

This post is not sponsored, but Nugget did provide us with a Nugget to try. All opinions are my own. Our Nugget love is real.




How Do You Prepare for Germ Season?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., Breathe Right, DIAL®, Halls, Kleenex, Theraflu and TYLENOL®. All opinions are mine alone. #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias

how to prepare for germ season #ad #happilystocked

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. Cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, trick or treating, pumpkin patches and corn mazes: there is so much to love. But fall also brings the dreaded germ season, and when you have little kids that is the most dreaded season of all. This is our first fall/winter living in a new state with true seasons, which will mean exposure to new germs, colder temperatures, and probably more frequent sickness. So I’m preparing for germ season ahead of time this year and I thought I would share a bit about how I do that here in case it helps you prepare for the same. Because when it comes to germs and preventing their spread, we’re all in this together right?Read More

Tips for Keeping Up With Three

#advertisement I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own. #CustomFitRelief #DrScholls

how to use dr scholls and how they help me keep up with my kids #customfitrelief #ad

Being a busy mom of three boys, I know firsthand how hard it can be to keep up with little kids. With each kid I’ve had, I’ve also gotten older — obvious, I know, but when you stop to think about what that means for your body, it is no wonder we have a hard time keeping up. One of the biggest struggles I’ve had is lower back pain. I attributed it to carrying around toddlers, lots of bending and lifting, and always being on my feet. But after trying lots of things to help (stretching and less lifting) and having the pain persist I started brainstorming other things that could help. What finally worked well for me might surprise you, because it wasn’t about my back at all. It was about my feet!Read More

Fall & Winter (Mom-Friendly) Style: Day Date Outfit

Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples (that are also mom-friendly!)

Sweater weather is here! It is definitely my favorite time of year as far as style is concerned — not only because the fall and winter clothes and accessories are so cute but also because they are more forgiving of the momma bodies many of us have. Give me boots and sweaters over tanks and sandals any day. Since I moved and am experiencing a true fall and winter this year I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite style finds and how and when I wear them. First up, my favorite outfit for a day date, which also works for a date night.

Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples (that are also mom-friendly!)Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples (that are also mom-friendly!)

Pretty much the second the weather cools I throw on a scarf. Remember when pashminas were a thing? I still have a million. Pretty much anything that you can wrap around your neck works and there are so many ways to tie them. This black and white one is the Wanderlust Shawl from Sseko Designs and is my current favorite this season. It is super versatile and goes with everything. I also love that their products give back (I’m a big fan of this brand, and you can read more about them here.)

When it comes to sweaters, I tend to go cardi or cowl neck. I also like them looong. I love the look of those cropped sweaters that are on trend right now, but they do not look good on me. I think those are best on long-legged ladies, which I am definitely not. Plus, if I’m wearing leggings or skinny jeans (which pretty much is every day) I like a top with length to hide the things that need hidden 😉 My favorite sweaters this season are from the A New Day line at Target. I’ve worn this cardi in both colors it comes in almost daily (it is so soft and has pockets!) and also have this cowl neck sweater (pictured) in rust and camel and love them.

Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples (that are also mom-friendly!) Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples (that are also mom-friendly!)A few more staple pieces: booties, black vegan leather leggings, and a black carry-all. I love that all three pieces can be worn day or night, can be dressed up or down, and instantly make an outfit look chic and pulled together. I’ve had those Rag and Bone booties for seven years. They were an investment, but I haven’t bought a pair of booties since, so I think they were well worth it — and they were on sale. I do love them and think they are classic and comfortable. You can find them here (this is the cheapest I’ve found them!) if you are looking for an investment piece.

Another investment piece I can’t speak high enough about are these black vegan leather leggings. They are comfortable, stylish, sexy, and make your booty look SO good. Basically they are magic leggings. I have worn them to lunch with a sweater or for a night out with a cute top and jacket. I have them in black but want them in more colors! They are also really flattering. My husband (who took these photos) asked me if I photoshopped myself. I swear I didn’t — it’s the leggings!

There are a few great leather totes out there, but mine (which happens to be my favorite) is the Aida Tote in Black, also from Sseko Designs. It holds my laptop, wallet, a little zipper bag with a couple of diapers and travel wipes just in case, and anything else I need for any outing. There is a zippered inside pocket, an open outside pocket, and a zipper to close the bag itself. It is really good quality, and as I mentioned before, all Sseko Design purchases give back. It is also reasonably priced for the genuine leather and high quality.

Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples (that are also mom-friendly!)

I realize a few of these are investment pieces but I don’t buy multiple pairs of boots or leggings/pants (aside from jeans) or bags each season. These go with me from year to year and then I add tops, sweaters, and accessories that are cheaper and on trend (I never spend much money for anything that I won’t be able to wear from year to year). These posts are meant to give you a good base for a fall/winter capsule wardrobe and doing more with less rather than buying a bunch of cheap pieces you’ll barely wear.

What are your favorite wardrobe pieces for fall and winter? Do you tend to stick with a capsule wardrobe, investing in a few classic pieces? Or do you like to change it up each year and buy more on-trend pieces? You can find each item pictured in this post sourced below, as well as a few other favorite staples. And those Target sweaters are currently 20% off, so get to shopping!

Source list: Sweater: Target / Leggings: Spanx / Booties: Rag & Bone / Scarf and Tote Bag; Sseko Designs / Bracelet: Made By Mary

Photos taken by my husband in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and buy the product, I may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you.) Thanks for supporting the content I share with you here on Oh Lovely Day.

Natural Immunity Boosters To Help Survive Germ Season

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Eating Organic On The Go

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Since I became a mother I’ve become very conscious of what is in the food and beverages we consume as a family, including things I eat myself. I try to stick to products with an ingredient list that I can pronounce, whole foods and all-natural things whenever possible, and I buy organic as much as I can. While it has always been easy for me to find organic produce, I’ve found it challenging to track down good organic options for beverages and snacks when I’m on the go. And as a busy mom of three, I don’t always have time to wash, prep, and pack fruit or veggies — I need easy beverages and snacks that I can just throw in my bag really quickly in the morning.Read More