Tips for Surviving Cold & Flu Season | Oh Lovely Day

This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time – I’ve just gotten over the flu, my older son has a double ear infection and pink eye, and I’m just holding my breath to see what the baby ends up with. It seems like so many of us are dealing with a particularly nasty cold and flu season. And as frustrated as I am with the sickness, I can’t help but consider us lucky: lucky that this is the worst we have it, and lucky that we have healthcare that enables us to go to the doctor and get medicine we need. I kid you not, I’ve been to the pediatrician almost weekly for the last two months.

So I thought I would share some of my tips for surviving this germ-filled season (besides taking your kid out of preschool for the duration, which I’ve been tempted to do myself…)

  1. Take preventative measures. I’m a firm believer in vaccines and other preventative care. I think a good night’s sleep and a nap can cure much that ails (in fact, my lack of good sleep lately is a direct reason I have been so sick). Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical well-being. Get some fresh air, a bit of exercise, and a little of whatever makes you happy.
  2. Try, but don’t rely. When it comes to keeping my family healthy, I’ll try almost anything. So while I believe in vaccines and antibiotics and ibuprofen, I also believe that chiropractic care and acupuncture and epsom salt baths and essential oils, and many other things can be helpful. So I think it is important to be open to trying alternative treatments. You might find getting an adjustment or some essential oils work for you. But if it doesn’t, I’m a big believer in seeing your doctor, taking prescribed medication, etc. Everyone has their own beliefs as to what is right for their family, but I have seen some success in combining alternative treatments with traditional medicine.
  3. Find a doctor you trust. This is really so important. I had never really had a general physician that I went to regularly or formed much of a relationship with. But the relationship my family has with our kids’ pediatrician is so great. I trust him, he knows us and he is a great resource. If you don’t have a doctor, the first step is finding one who accepts your insurance. I also always ask friends or family (or coworkers or even other physicians) in my area for recommendations of physicians they love.
  4. Use Abridge to keep track of important information and record your doctor’s appointment. Have you ever been to the doctor where you have a lot of information thrown at you and by the time you leave you can’t remember half of what the doctor said? Happens to me ALL THE TIME!

I hope these tips might help get you and your family through the cold and flu season, the coronavirus pandemic, and all of your normal health visits.