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How Back to School Season means back to self-care season
Another summer is coming to a close and when I reflect on those months I see a lot of memories made and time spent together. I also see a complete unraveling of my own self-care routine. A lack of structure and having three kids home with me all day every day resulted in a pause of the wellness routines I’ve put into place for my physical and mental health. I stopped following my intermittent fasting and FWTFL eating. I stopped going to bed at a reasonable hour. I had no time for exercise, and no walks to school in the morning meant I no longer took my peaceful walks alone after. I stopped meal planning, started eating junk again, and forgot my supplements in the morning. Sometimes I even forgot to take my thyroid medicine! I learned a lot of lessons this summer, but the biggest of all was that we needed to maintain some semblance of structure and routine in the summers so that I could continue to be my best self. Now that school has started back, I’m taking the opportunity to take “Back to School Season” and turn it into a return to self-care for me. Here are some ways I’m doing that — adding structure for myself and getting back to my self-care routine — because I know I’m not the only mama out there who has let herself crumble over the summer. Time to build ourselves back up even stronger, friends!

Using our back to school routine to return to regular self-care



  • Getting to bed at a reasonable hour (by 10:00 pm!)
  • Listening to meditation to fall asleep rather than listening to an audiobook or watching tv
  • Setting my alarm for 30 minutes before I need to wake up anyone else, to allow for a quiet cup of coffee alone each morning while I check in on the schedule and needs for the day.
  • Get back into the habit of taking my medication every single morning.
  • Take a morning walk after I do school drop-off.


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Two of the most important supplements for me are Omega-3s and Vitamin D. I have been Vitamin D deficient in the past and after we moved to Ohio and left that LA sunshine I needed to find an additional source. Back-to-school signals the end of summer and a long stretch where sunshine is lacking, so that’s when I start back to making vitamin supplements part of my routine.

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  • get outside with the kids either before or after dinner
  • prepare a healthy dinner or have leftovers from the healthy dinner the evening before
  • get a shower or relaxing bath after the kids are in bed to wind down
  • share an hour of tv time with my husband
  • go to bed by 10 pm!
  • fall asleep to a meditation

Each of these things helps keep me focused on both my mental and physical health. They are little things that are totally manageable and that, once established into my routine, will keep me feeling my best.

Using our back to school routine to return to regular self-careUsing our back to school routine to return to regular self-careUsing our back to school routine to return to regular self-care

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