Why We Love Our Lessons at Goldfish Swim School | ohlovelyday.comWe have loved our lessons this year at Goldfish Swim School. But as winter set in and my husband was headed back to California for work for a few weeks I definitely considered taking a little break for the cold weather months. When I really thought about it though, I realized that it was really important for us to continue our lessons throughout the winter, rather than taking some time off. Here’s why:

Why it was important for us to continue our swim lessons through the winter at Goldfish Swim SchoolTo Keep Our Kids On Track

When kids take a break from swimming during winter, they may have to spend some time reminding their muscles what to do as well when they jump back in the water. Repetition is best when learning any skill, including swimming, so continuing lessons through winter helps kids stay on track with their improvements and keep seeing progress. All three of my kids have grown by leaps and bounds in their confidence, ability, and enjoyment when it comes to swimming and I didn’t want to cause a regression due to my wanting a break.

Why it was important for us to continue our swim lessons through the winter at Goldfish Swim School

Drowning Still Happens In Winter

If you are not heading to the beach anytime soon, you might think the kids don’t need swim lessons. But many families take a vacation that involves an indoor water park or a hotel pool  – or your child may be invited to (or have) a swim birthday party like those offered at Goldfish Swim School. So more swimming happens in winter than we think. Swimming is a lifelong, life-saving skill that all kids should have – and lessons are important even if a child “knows” how to swim

Why We Love Our Lessons at Goldfish Swim School | ohlovelyday.com

It Gives Kids A Physical Activity To Do In More Sedentary Winter Months

If you live in a cold weather climate, then you know that winter months are a struggle to get your kids’ energy out with physical activity, especially when going outside due to extreme cold is a challenge. Our weekly swim class (and family swim times) at Goldfish are an excellent way for us to get some physical activity in and get some energy out. It is a lifesaver, both literally and figuratively! 

They have come such a long way since our first few lessons about 9 months ago! I made a little video so you can see their progress. I’m beyond thrilled to watch how much they all love to swim, and how confident they have gotten in the water.

My kids are happy to go to Goldfish, work hard while they are there, and are all smiles when their lessons are over. If you want to see more videos of their progress, I save them in my Instagram Stories’ Highlights under ‘Swimmers.’ I’m also always happy to answer any questions about our experience if you want to shoot me an email 🙂 Go here to find a Goldfish Swim School near you.

Oh Lovely Day has partnered with Goldfish Swim School, but the words and experienced shared here are honest and my own.