setting intentions for a new yearIt’s a new year, which means we’re all refocusing on our self-care and mental and physical well beings, am I right? I know I am. Every January I recommit to making myself a priority — not in the form of resolutions but as intentions I set and goals I put into the universe for a new year. And while I might not succeed quite as much as I hope to when I set the intention, I do always make progress from the year before. Here are some intentions I’m setting for myself for 2019:

  1. Put my mental health first. That means setting limits for myself and sticking to them. Ask for support. Take care of myself. Get more sleep, exercise, go back to gluten and dairy-free. Go see a doctor and have my thyroid tested and meds adjusted. 
  2. Set a strict 10 pm weekday bedtime. Which means shutting down everything and going upstairs by 9:30.
  3. No phone or computer after 9 pm.
  4. Set an alarm to start waking up at 6 am to get some quite time before the chaos of the day starts. No phone until 7 am (except for meditation app).
  5. Start an exercise regimen I can stick with. And really do it. For real.
  6. Keep up with my Faster Way to Fat Loss eating habits. Meal plan and fitness plan!
  7. Create a Legal + Best Practices e-course for my Blogger Law website for my fellow bloggers and influencers.
  8. Finally start writing that children’s book in my brain.
  9. Build my Beautycounter business and spread knowledge of clean and safe beauty to other women.
  10. Be more present with my kids. Set hours for myself and shut off to get more focused quality time between after school and dinnertime.
  11. Schedule a bi-monthly date night. Time to repriorize my marriage and reconnect more with my partner.
  12. Schedule a weekly solo-kiddo date, rotating turns each week.
  13. More outings as a whole family!
  14. Read before bed. Read the Elena Ferrante series first.
  15. Devote one day a month to my own spiritual and mental wellness, whether I get a massage, do yoga, go to a salt spa, try reiki, go on a hike, etc. Hike more!  Even if hiking in Ohio is really just nature walking…
  16. Work better, not harder. Create an efficiency calendar for blog, Beautycounter, Blogger Law and schedule working out and self-care too (for research! So it’s work!)
  17. Host a local event for women with local businesses and creatives in Columbus.
  18. Speak at an event for women and/or creatives.
  19. Grow my business so that it supports my family rather than supplementing for my family and so that it supports women at the same time.
  20. Enjoy life! If something isn’t enjoyable or serving me, let it go. Thank you, next!

What are some of your intentions for the new year? I’d love to hear and for us all to manifest our intentions in 2019! I’d also love to hear some ways I can help you this year. What kind of content is most helpful? Is there a topic you’d like to see covered or something you’re hoping I’ll share or offer? How can I best serve you this year?

Photo by Amy Stone Photography