goldfish swim school lessons progress update

We’re about 4 months in to swim lessons for my boys (ages 7, 4, and 2 1/2) and I have to say that their improvement is amazing! If you missed my first post about how the were doing after the first month, read this one first. We took quite a few weeks off this summer as well due to family trips, Calvin’s hospital stay, and illness. I wanted to share their progress for those of you who have been interested in putting your own kids into swim class or wanted to know how Goldfish Swim School compared to other places we’ve done lessons.

First of all, if you have a kiddo who has never taken lessons or who is afraid to get in the water, then I can’t recommend Goldfish Swim School enough. Quincy screamed and cried and hated to swim before we started. Now he begs to “go swimming” which means go to swim class. They were so patient and compassionate and helped him ease into things. My oldest son Charlie is always anxious when starting new activities and classes and usually dreads going. But he enjoys going to Goldfish and is proud of how far he has come. They give ribbons at the end of class when kids have accomplished a milestone or made a lot of progress. He works hard because he loves to get a ribbon that reinforces that hard work.

goldfish swim school lessons progress update

All three boys have graduated up at least one level since we started. Charlie is basically swimming on his own at this point — like really swimming with strokes and putting his face underwater while he does it. He will also retrieve a toy from the bottom of the pool. Just a few months ago he didn’t like to put his face underwater!

Calvin started out great and then moved up a level and started having a hard time listening. He wanted to play and often jumped ahead. But now he  is focused, follows instructions well, and is making great progress with strokes, rolling over to a back float, and then rolling back into swimming again.

Quincy has gone from barely letting his teacher pour a little water on his head to putting his whole face in the water, swimming, and back floating like a champ. Right now they are working on getting him to keep his mouth shut when he’s under water so he doesn’t drink up half the pool 🙂

I think the biggest success for me is that my boys aren’t going to be scared of the water and they will be able to perform lifesaving techniques if they ever find themselves in distress. A child that can roll to their back or pull themselves out of a pool can make all of the difference should they accidentally fall into the water. And since drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4 and the second leading cause for kids age 1-14 (did you know that? Isn’t that statistic shocking!?) it is SO important for our kids to learn water safety and lifesaving techniques. I read several stories of parents who lost their little ones to drowning this summer and their loss is both heartbreaking and also such an important reminder of water safety and how we can prevent these deaths and injuries of our children.

goldfish swim school lessons progress update goldfish swim school lessons progress update goldfish swim school lessons progress update

Goldfish also has fun events for members and open family swims available. You can also host birthday parties there, which I think is such a fun idea and perfect for those winter birthdays where an outdoor location isn’t possible.

My kids are happy to go to Goldfish, work hard while they are there, and are all smiles when their lessons are over. If you want to see some videos of their progress, I save them in my Instagram Stories’ Highlights under ‘Swimmers.’ I’m also always happy to answer any questions about our experience if you want to shoot me an email 🙂 Go here to find a Goldfish Swim School near you.


Oh Lovely Day has partnered with Goldfish Swim School, but the words and experienced shared here are honest and my own.