Style Crush: AUrate New YorkI’m a minimalist when it comes to my jewelry style, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want high quality materials and high style. In fact, I’d venture to say that my jewelry style is simple but expensive 🙂 My wedding ring is a simple eternity band; my engagement ring a round solitaire diamond. I don’t love a ton of jewelry, big chunky or flashy pieces (I like them on others, but not on myself), and I don’t tend to change out my jewelry often. I love simple classic pieces. Heirloom pieces. Forever pieces. So when I found out about AUrate New York, I felt like I struck gold! And I did, because AUrate is a fine jewelry brand that has no concessions. They have beautifully designed pieces that are unique and stunning in their simplicity. They source the best materials and follow the highest human rights, environmental, and social responsibility standards. They are so confident in the quality of the products that they offer a lifetime guarantee for every single piece, no questions asked. And even though the pieces are high quality and beautifully made, they don’t cost a fortune because AUrate eliminates the ugly supply chain most jewelers use. I am especially crushing on their collection of necklaces. 

Style Crush: AUrate New York Style Crush: AUrate New York

I have been wearing their Mini Gold Letter Charm Pendant and Mini Gold Bar Earrings for about a month and I absolutely love them. I chose the rose gold chain with black diamonds and it is so pretty and delicate and just a tiny bit edgy while still being classic. I hadn’t worn earrings in over seven years — I got very annoyed by earrings after I had my first baby and between him reaching for them and my feeling them when I laid down to get what very little sleep I was getting at the time, I took them out and just never put any back in. But I haven’t taken the bar earrings out since I first put them in and I don’t even feel them. They are delicate and I don’t even notice I’m wearing them — until I look in the mirror. I’ve received so many compliments on them too. And because they are made of high quality and real gold, they don’t make my ears itch or break out like some jewelry can.

Style Crush: AUrate New YorkStyle Crush: AUrate New York


One last reason I’m crushing on AUrate is the fact that the brand supports literacy of students here in the US — for every purchase you make, you put a book directly into the hands of a child that needs it. Brands that give back are always crush-worthy.

Style Crush: AUrate New York Style Crush: AUrate New York

I think AUrate’s pieces make great gift ideas for things like Mother’s Day, the birth of a new baby, or a wedding gift in addition to the usual birthday or anniversary gift. The style, quality, and design of the jewelry make them a new favorite go-to for my own wishlist!


This post was sponsored by AUrate, but the opinions are my own.