winter wardrobe essentials for kidsNow that we’ve been officially hazed into our first real winter, I’ve already found some winter wardrobe essentials for the kids that are helping us to survive, stay warm, and have fun in the snow and cold weather. Since we still have a couple months of winter to go, I thought I would share some of the things we’re finding to be super helpful in this extremely cold weather! 

Cold Weather Essentials for Kids | oh

  • 4 Season Boots From Butler Boots: These boots are the perfect kid boot! They are intended to be worn over their regular shoe (size up one size if you plan to do this) but can also be worn over socks. They are waterproof and work great in rain, snow, and mud. They are easy to get on and off (which is rare in a snow-friendly boot!) and stay put thanks to a hook and loop closure. I highly recommend them!
  • Wind Fleece Outerwear and Wool Accessories from Polarn O Pyret: Wind blocking is key to keeping warm in really cold weather and the outerwear from Polarn O Pyret does a great job of this. I also love using their long johns as both jammies and as a good base layer when we’re playing outside in the snow. They also have super cute and warm beanies, wool socks, and wool balaclavas for keeping the whole head warm. Plus, they come in the cutest colors and stripes.
  • Snow Boots from Keen Kids: My oldest son is getting so much use out of his KEEN Basin Waterproof Winter Boot. He’s been sledding for hours, plays in the backyard in the snow, and even built a snowman and his socks are always dry. They are warm, waterproof, and easy to get on and off.
  • Snow mittens and snow bibs: I grabbed my boys the snow mittens and snow pants and snow bibs  from Target (Cat & Jack brand) and they have worked great for us so far. Old Navy also has snow bibs and they are currently half off!
  • Puffer coats with hoods: I got all three boys the same black puffer coat and it has gotten us through many a cold day already. Just remember that it isn’t safe to strap your littles into their carseats with these types of coats on, as it makes the safety harness too loose. We usually dress in layers and put coats on when we get to our destination before we get out of the car (and luckily we have a garage so we don’t have to go out in the cold without coats.
  • Warm and adorable sweaters from Hope & Henry: Dressing in layers is key to keeping warm for us. I have loved putting the boys in sweaters as their top layer this winter. They are super cute and stylish and made from 100% organic cotton. They are also priced really affordably and the company gives back a portion of sales to the workers who make their products.
Cold Weather Essentials for Kids | oh
The boys’ first snowman ever 🙂

Are we missing any of your favorite cold weather wardrobe essentials? Do share, because we have lots of winter left and are always looking for ways to stay warm!

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