Post-Baby Body Summertime BluesSo the last time I wore a swimsuit, I was pregnant with Quincy. That was two summers ago. Last summer I was 5 months postpartum and pretty forgiving of the fact that I wasn’t in “swimsuit shape” (which really just means I’m not confident and comfortable in a swimsuit — not because I think that you have to be a certain size to wear a swimsuit). “Next summer” I thought at the time. Well, now we’re at next summer and guess what? I’m still not feeling good about myself. 

If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories a couple days ago, I confessed that I have been pretty down about the state of my body. Three babies, Hashimotos/hypothyroidism, postpartum depression, medication for that postpartum depression, sleep deprivation: my body is a mess inside and the outside. And I’m not comfortable with it. I’ve actually gained weight since I had my third baby, especially in the last 6-9 months. And it isn’t for lack of trying to get healthier. So I’m having my thyroid checked and my medicine evaluated and I’m looking into some diet changes specific to Hashimotos (if you’ve been through it and have any tips, please share!)

When I poured my feelings out on my IG stories, I just felt like sharing in case anyone else was dreading getting dressed for summer weather and summer fun each day like I am. And I got so many messages of support and solidarity from mamas who are struggling with many of the same issues. And some who asked for wardrobe suggestions that work for those of us who are feeling a little “fuller” than we’d hoped this summer. I’m living in maxi dresses, culottes, button-up shirts, and hunting for a swimsuit I feel comfortable in. Here are some of my favorite pieces for those of us in a post-baby body summertime blues rut. (you can click on any of them and shop directly if you see something you like! And many of them are on sale!)

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