Mother's Day Gift Guide full of wonderful gift ideas for the mom in your life, plus a giveaway of all of it to one lucky momma! #treatyoselfgiveawayI know two things to be true about mothers everywhere: They work their asses off and they don’t treat themselves enough. Me included. No matter how many kids they have, whether they are brand new or full grown, whether they work in the home or out, whether they have lots of help or none  —  motherhood is a tough business and every mom deserves to be spoiled. This year’s Mother’s Day gift guide is all about Treating Yo Self, or that special mom in your life. These are things I love, or want, or both. They are things I might start to buy and then stop myself because I always have mom guilt over spending money on myself. They are things I think mommas would love. And because I love this community of readers, followers, sharers, mothers — I’ve teamed up with all of the brands in my guide to give everything in it to one lucky momma! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter. But first, gift ideas for the mom in your life:

  1. Gigi Pip Hat: There are only a couple of things I can’t resist when it comes to buying things for myself, and a beautiful hat is one of them. I think every woman should have a great hat (or a few) in her style arsenal — they instantly make you look put together, even when underneath it is all dirty hair and no makeup. What mom doesn’t need that kind of help?
  2. Jewelry from Made By Mary: Aside from my wedding ring, the only jewelry I wear everyday is from Made By Mary. The Zola necklace with my wedding date, the Everly bar necklace with my boys’ names — beautiful pieces, personalized and meaningful, close to my heart. My boys play with them, chew on them, and someday they’ll remind me of these days with babies. I imagine having older boys and wearing the same necklaces and remembering how Charlie would spell and read the names and Calvin would name the shapes and Quincy would tug on them when he nursed.
  3. Momma-themed tees: I love a good tee and I love that good tee even more when it has a funny or meaningful message. The Mutha Hustler tee from Darling Clementine Shop (designed by Jean and June) describes my life most days, as it does most moms of small children. Plus, it’s funny 🙂 And I love the Mama is Home tee from Mamacase Prints. Because it also describes my life most days. They are both soft and comfy with a flattering fit (aka not too snug) and they are like the two sides of the motherhood coin.
  4. A Robe from Doie Lounge: Sometimes something as simple as a beautiful robe can make you feel beautiful too. The buttery soft robes from Doie Lounge are my favorite and if I ever need a pick-me-up I take a hot shower and then put on my pretty robe. While every momma deserves one, this isn’t your ‘mother’s robe’ — these come in lovely colors, are made of the softest fabrics, and are truly a treat to wear.
  5. Custom Ceramic Silhouette from Paloma’s Nest: My ceramic silhouettes of my children (well, of Charlie and Calvin — I still need one of Quincy) are some of my most prized possessions. They are why we have a ‘no throwing balls in the living room’ rule. The detail in each one, from Charlie’s long neck and full lips to Calvin’s hair swirl when he was a baby, truly captures my boys to a tee. They make for such a special and meaningful gift.
  6. Custom Photo Album from Shortcake: Photo albums are always a no-brainer hit when it comes to mom gifting. Moms can’t resist photos of their kids, no matter how big or small. Most moms I know (myself included) always intend to print more photos and display more photos, but never seem to get around to it. What I love most about the photo albums from Shortcake are that they are custom albums that basically make themselves. Meaning you don’t have to. Because we just don’t have the time, am I right? Shortcake accesses your photos through social media, complies them into an album (think baby book or family yearbook), and sends them to you. I have two and they are really beautifully made.
  7. Wildbird Sling: If the mama in your life has a baby or toddler, or really loves baby wearing, then chances are she has lusted after a Wildbird sling. From the gorgeous palette of colors to the stunning textiles and fabrics, each sling is a beautiful on its own. But getting to wear your little one in it — nursing them, rocking them to sleep, keeping them close — makes it pure magic. I have an addiction to these beauties as well.
  8. Essential Oil Subscription Box from Simply Earth: Whether the mama in your life loves essential oils already or is still waiting to be introduced, a subscription box from Simply Earth is a great gift idea. Each month their box has a different theme — my April box was about keeping a natural home — complete with a DIY, instructions, recipe cards, and all of the oils and materials necessary. I am a big fan of Simply Earth, because not only are their oils 100% pure, but they are also very affordable. Plus they donate 13% of proceeds to fight human trafficking. Pamper the mom in your life with essential oils and I bet she’ll pamper you back.
  9. Roundie Towel from SwimZip: Since Mother’s Day is just before the official start of summer, what better gift idea than a roundie towel from SwimZip? Perfect for days at the beach, picnics at the park, or maybe some leisurely (ha, yeah right!) lounging by the pool, the roundie is as nice to look at as it is to touch. I am also a big fan of their swimwear and the SPF clothing by their sister brand Shēdo Lane (because you know we sunscreen the heck out of the kids, and always forget to do ourselves.)
  10. Crossover Slides from Sseko Designs: Is it wrong to put a gift idea in this guide that I’m strongly hinting for myself? Asking for a friend… But really, ever since my friend Karla posted about these slides they are all I can think about. I’m dying for the rose gold style — they are the perfect everyday sandal for summer (and in LA, that really means for most of the year!) The best part behind this brand is that each purchase helps send a young women in Uganda to college while also employing women in Uganda as well. I love brands that give back!
  11. The most delicious cookies EVER from Milk Jar Cookies: Treat the mom in your life to my absolutely favorite cookies of all time in the history of cookies. I’m really not even exaggerating — Milk Jar Cookies are so freaking good my description can’t do them justice. They are really big, but still soft. The chocolate chip (my personal favorite) has the perfect amount of chocolate chips. They have so many yummy flavors. And if you don’t have the good fortune (or bad fortune, depending on how you look at it) to be able to walk there like me, they ship! Plus, William Sonoma will soon be selling their recipes in bake-at-home cookie kits — that should tell you how delicious they are.

Ok, so now that I’ve shared my gift guide picks, it is time for one of you to win it all! Here is what one lucky mama will get:

  • 1 Essential Oil Subscription Box from Simply Earth
  • Crossover Slides in color of winner’s choice from Sseko Designs
  • $100 Credit from Made By Mary
  • Choice of Hat from Gigi Pip
  • Choice of Sling from Wildbird
  • Roundie Towel from SwimZip or $70 gift card to SwimZip
  • Custom Album from Shortcake
  • Mutha Hustler Tee from Darling Clementine Shop
  • Mama is Home tee from Mamacase Prints
  • Robe from Doie Lounge in one of their spring colors
  • Half Dozen Cookies from MilkJar Cookies
  • One Custom Ceramic Silhouette from Paloma’s Nest

And now for how to win: enter through the form below through 4/24/17. A randomly selected winner will be chosen and displayed below by 4/26/17. Due to shipping costs, winner must be located within the US. Good luck! UPDATE: THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.

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