Bathtime Fun With Toddlers

Bathtime is probably one of the most challenging times of day with three kids, especially since two are toddlers. I don’t know if it is because they are all boys, or because of their ages, but when we try to bathe all three together it is just a crazy mess. There is way too much boy energy in that little tub and they get really bonkers, all the water ends up in the floor, and someone inevitably gets hurt. So my husband and I tried out an assembly line style of bedtime routine: He bathes one, then I put that one to bed while he bathes the next one, and so one until all kids are clean and asleep. But doing them one at a time can sometimes make the process go long and someone ends up staying up a bit too late. The happy medium that is now working for us is the two toddlers in the bath method. We bathe the littlest together, then I take Quincy and nurse and put him to bed while my husband takes Calvin and reads and gets him to bed. Meanwhile Charlie is finishing his dinner (he’s the slowest eater of all time) or doing homework or if that is all done, watching one 20 minute show until it is his turn. I think the key to this method’s success is the fun distractions we have in the bath for the toddlers. So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite tools, toys, and tricks that makes bathing two toddlers a much easier and more pleasant experience.

Bathtime Fun With Toddlers Bathtime Fun With Toddlers Bathtime Fun With Toddlers Bathtime Fun With Toddlers Bathtime Fun With Toddlers

First of all, let’s talk safety. This bath mat keeps the little ones from sliding all over the tub and bumping their heads (or worse) when they are having a bath. I’ve tried lots of other bath mats but they either don’t stick well or mildew quickly or don’t cover enough tub surface. This one is the perfect size and has just the right amount of stick that keeps it in place but allows you to easily remove and hang to dry if you don’t need it. I also love the spout guard, which protects against head and mouth bumps, and mouths and fingers from touching hot spouts as well. Both are absolute essentials when bathing your little ones in a regular tub, but especially when they are active and there is more than one kid in the tub at a time.

Ok, now let’s talk fun! Bathtime is all about play for my kids — getting clean is just the bonus for me 🙂 Calvin’s favorite bath toys are the Duck Dunk basketball hoop (this one is our sports-loving kid) and the bath letters and numbers, which have been a favorite of all three of my kids since my oldest was a toddler. Quincy really loves the Bath Bobbers (they don’t sink so he can always find them when he’s dropped them) and the Farm Bath Squirters (just be sure to squeeze the water out at the end of the bath — Calvin always does this for us — and toss them every so often so avoid mildew).

Bathtime Fun With Toddlers Bathtime Fun With Toddlers Bathtime Fun With Toddlers Bathtime Fun With Toddlers

Quincy also prefers to stand in the bath so I put the toys he likes in our bath caddy for easy access and then Calvin plays with his favorites on the other side of the tub, since I strategically place the Duck Dunk on that side. So there is no fighting over toys, only the occasional scuffle, and while they are playing I am able to wash them.

A few other helpful things that we all love: the Super Scoop makes cleanup both easy and fun. Calvin loves to scoop up all of the toys in the water and then I just hang them to dry. Easy peasy. And shampooing and rinsing are much easier thanks to the Rinse cup. Not only does it help me to rinse them off and the shampoo out of their hair, but they love “waterfalls” and pouring water onto the toys (and sometimes each other.) The only hard part is getting them out of the tub, because they are having so much fun 🙂

Do your kids have any favorite bath toys? Have you found ways to make bath time more enjoyable in your family?

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