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Just like every baby is different, breastfeeding every baby is different too. With one you may have a low supply and another you have no problems. One might have an issue like tongue tie which causes a poor latch and booby pain for you, and another might be a great nurser. After nursing three babies I know one thing to be true – there are some things that you need no matter what. So here are my nursing essentials for your booby survival kit, which I think are universal to most nursing moms.

  1. A Good Nursing Pillow: this truly is key and will save your back, boobs, and baby’s latch. I used this one with Calvin and loved it, but this time around I’m trying the Ergobaby nursing pillow and love it so far (great support!) One tip: for newborns and really teeny babies, turn the pillow upside down and use the flat firmer side for the first few weeks until baby gets bigger.

2. Nipple Balm: You need a good nipple balm to apply after every feeding. I prefer a natural one (over something like a basic lanolin) and I have tried, used, and liked the nipple balm from Zoe Organics, The Honest Company, and Upspring.

3. Nursing bras & tanks: I live in nursing bras for a while and after three kids my favorite ones (for comfort, support, and quality) are this one by Cake Lingerie, this one by Bravado (which is my go-to), and this one from Target. I also love these nursing tanks.

4. Lactation aids: Whether you have a good supply or need a boost, it is good to have some lactation aids on hand to help when you need it. And you constantly need to fuel your body with a healthy snack and lots of water. I love these lactation bars from Oat Mama (the chocolate & peanut butter is my fave!) and they are also allergen free, which is so helpful since I had to give up dairy because of a milk protein sensitivity that Quincy seems to have. I also love the Mother’s Milk tea.

5. Nursing Pads: I prefer washable nursing pads for a few reasons (they are more budget-friendly long term, are more eco-friendly, and are gentler on your nipples) and my favorite ones are these. They are the softest and most comfortable, in my opinion.

6. Booby Pain Helpers: Nursing can be a pain – pun intended – but is so worth it if you can do it. Some things that will get you through those early days of pain, and some other issues that can come up along the way, are these booby tubes (for heat), soothies gel pads (for cold), ibuprofen, and the nipple balm I listed above. UPDATE: I recently discovered these breast comfort pads from Lil’buds and LOVE them. They both heat and cool and are organic and can be lavender scented.

There are so many other things that can help your breastfeeding journey, especially if you are also going to or need to pump which I didn’t include here, but these things will get you started and build your nursing essentials survival kit.

What are your breastfeeding essentials?

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