Oh Lovely Day Holiday Gift Guide for Grown Ups 2015

The perk of having a blog is making a holiday gift guide with half of your own wishlist on it, as strong hints to your husband. Plus I just love sharing things I’ve discovered or love, in case it introduces someone else to a new favorite item as well. So, here is my gift guide for grown ups — there are a couple of things for the fellas, but I think guys are hard to do gift guides for and only you know your guy and what he likes. Most of the gift guides I see would have nothing on it my husband would want — give him a book, a vintage tee, movie passes, or a year’s supply of white socks and tees and he’s a happy guy. But anything designed for foodies, hipsters, whiskey connoisseur… not gonna do it for him. So, I picked a couple of things I think most guys could use and the rest is for the ladies 🙂

  1. Cutting Boards from A. Heirloom: I pretty much love every single thing that A. Heirloom makes, but their cutting boards, and most specifically their state shaped ones, are beyond good. They are beautifully made and make a great gift for pretty much anyone: your mom, the newlyweds, your favorite hostess, your husband the house chef, or yourself. They also have cake stands, cocktail muddlers and stirrers, trays, and state ornaments, to name a few.
  2. Cape Scarf from Madewell: This is a scarf that works like a cape, and it has pockets. Need I say more?
  3. A Bar of Goodness from Link of Hearts: I am a bit of a necklace hoarder, and if it is personalized in some way — all the better! But when I discovered the Bar of Goodness from Link of Hearts I knew I had to have one for two reasons: it is customizable and has 4 sides, so there is room for all 4 of my boys’ names on it (husband included) and for every purchase you make Link of Hearts gives a bracelet with one of their inspirational messages to someone battling depression as a symbol of hope — a cause very close to my heart. You can also choose from a list of inspirational words if you don’t want to customize it.
  4. The Essentials Kit from Birdling Bags: You know you’re going to get your husband/boyfriend/dad random stuff like razor blades or a grooming kit – so why not put it in a nice bag for when he travels. I’d love to have one of these for myself now that I think about it… They come in colors for both men and women!
  5. Yellow Sunnies from Madewell: These sunglasses are my new favorite — I actually bought them for myself and then told my husband thanks for the Christmas gift 🙂 They are such a pretty color and are quite affordable for such a stylish and well-made pair of shades.
  6. Cold Weather Essentials Box from Zoe Organics: The perfect stocking stuffers for anyone is the cold weather essentials box set from Zoe Organics. And I’m obsessed with that Everything Balm for all uses and seasons — it’s my fave!
  7. A Pocket Dial from J.Crew + Jimmy Fallon: If you think a Pocket Dial is when your phone accidentally calls someone at random while in your pocket, then you haven’t seen this yet. It’s a pocket square and an iPhone 6 case in one, and it’s sort of brilliant. And it’s from the brain of Jimmy Fallon, who I’m pretty sure is trying to take over the world.
  8. Letter & Gem Post Earrings: Simple and chic, these letter and gem post earrings are such a great gift idea for any girl with pierced ears (including me, hint hint!) and only $32!
  9. Mama Bird + Papa Bear Tees from The Bee and The Fox: If you saw yesterday’s gift guide for littles, you saw the Baby Bird version of this tee. I definitely have that one for baby 3 and the mama version for me on my wishlist. So sweet.
  10. Raising Tiny Humans Mug: I’ve secretly wanted this mug since I discovered it last year. They also make a stemless wine glass version, which I’d also love. I’d like to alternate drinking my survival coffee and my survival wine (when I’m no longer pregnant) out of each of them, or maybe cheers myself with both at the same time. Either way, they make a great gift. And Charlie’s teacher is getting the Teaching Tiny Humans is Exhausting version for her holiday gift 🙂
  11. A Chatbooks Series or Book: I’ve given these as gifts several times and they are always a hit. If you aren’t already familiar with Chatbooks, they are a great way to print your instagrams into books and now have a hardcover option as well. And you can get your first book free if you use the code F7GVKEJX at checkout.
  12. Shimmering Lip Set from Jouer: You can’t go wrong with lip gloss and Jouer makes my favorite ones. And they have a great lip shimmer trio in a mini makeup bag just for the holidays, which is perfect for gifting!
  13. An Heirloom from Paloma’s Nest: From ornaments to ceramic silhouettes, Paloma’s Nest has you covered in the treasured heirloom department. There isn’t anything they make that I wouldn’t love to receive as a gift, but my most treasured possessions are the ceramic silhouettes they made of my boys. While it’s too close to Christmas to have one made in time, you could buy a gift certificate to their shop and write a little note as to what it is for. Any mother would be over the moon to get a gift like that, trust me.
  14. Cord Tacos: They look like mini tacos and keep your phone or other travel cords from getting tangled into a hot mess. And you can get a his and hers pair or other pairs with cute sayings on them.

And if that’s not enough in the idea department, I’ve gathered up a few more for your shopping pleasure below.

For her:

For him:

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