How to Style Milestone Jewelry | Oh Lovely Day

I love to mark big milestones in my life or relationships with milestone jewelry that I can wear everyday. Whether that means wearing a bar necklace with my children’ names or initials, or wearing my engagement ring and wedding band, or getting a new band or a pair of earrings to mark a major anniversary — milestone jewelry just reminds you of those important moments in your life and ignites those feelings over again when you wear and see them.

How to Style Milestone Jewelry | Oh Lovely Day

If you aren’t sure how to pair or style your milestone jewelry, here are some tips:

1. Stacking rings:

You can either stack a milestone band with your wedding band on your left hand (if the bands are skinny enough you can even stack them with your engagement ring as well) or stack milestone bands on your right hand. I love the look of both, depending on your ring style and overall jewelry style. If you like and wear bigger and chunkier jewelry or have a band with bigger diamonds, right hand wearing and stacking — separate from your wedding and engagement ring — work best. If you prefer thin, delicate bands, you could stack them on your left hand with your engagement ring and wedding band or on your right hand.

You could do anything from a simple band to a diamond band to mark major anniversaries (5, 10, 20 years, etc.) or the birth of your children. Or use them to mark any big milestone that you want to celebrate and remember through your jewelry.

How to Style Milestone Jewelry | Oh Lovely DayHow to Style Milestone Jewelry | Oh Lovely Day

I really love the way the Multiplicity Love Five Stone Band pairs with the Lorelei Floral Diamond Band, both from Hearts On Fire.

2. Earrings:

A beautiful pair of diamond earrings are a great way to celebrate a milestone as well. Choose a pair that you can wear everyday and that also work well as special occasion earrings, like the Fulfillment Round Earrings from Hearts On Fire. These are going on my wishlist for our 10 year anniversary for sure!

3. Necklaces and Pendants:

I really love bar necklaces to mark milestones. You can engrave your children’s names, or your spouse or partner’s, or an important date like an anniversary on them. I have one of these necklaces with two bars, one with each of my son’s names on them. I am also hoping for this initial necklace once baby number three comes in January to include all three of my sons’s initials. You can pair necklaces as easily as rings if you do it right. It is best to pair an everyday gold necklace with another, or with something like a simple diamond necklace or pendant. The key is to keep it simple and chic, and try to make sure they are different lengths so they don’t get lost in each other or tangled together.

How to Style Milestone Jewelry | Oh Lovely Day

Are you a fan of milestone jewelry? What is your favorite way to wear and pair it? Head over to Style Me Pretty to see how other bloggers ignite a spark with Hearts On Fire.

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