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Danielle and David live in Berkeley, CA, but decided to have their wedding at the stunning Silverleaf Club in Scottsdale. The wedding was filled with laughs, tears, fun-filled speeches and PIE. Pie is always a good sign of an awesome wedding. And I love how the couple choose a venue that highlighted the beauty of Arizona, where they were both originally from. To say that this wedding is a stunner is an understatement.

Skloven_Krumwiede_MikeOlbinskiPhotography_1yzj4372 Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal503_low Skloven_Krumwiede_MikeOlbinskiPhotography_1yzj43725 Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal499_low Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal542_low Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal338_low Skloven_Krumwiede_MikeOlbinskiPhotography_1yzj43723 Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal383_low

From the bride: We spent months working on our vows together, and even though we had heard one another’s before the big day, it was such an overwhelming feeling to say them aloud in front of all our friends and family. 

Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal418_low Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal510_low Skloven_Krumwiede_MikeOlbinskiPhotography_1yzj43721 Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal459_low Skloven_Krumwiede_MikeOlbinskiPhotography_1yzj43722 Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal574_low

Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal566_low Skloven_Krumwiede_MikeOlbinskiPhotography_1yzj43726 Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal576_low Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal565_low Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal863_low

Danielle’s sister, who is a chef in New York City, made her signature granola for all of the guests to snack on late into the night. Such a great favor idea!

Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal619_low Stunning Scottsdale Wedding | MIke Olbinski | Oh Lovely Day Skloven_Krumwiede_Mike_Olbinski_Photography_DanielleDavidFinal545_low

Silverleaf is a special retreat tucked into the canyons of the McDowell Mountain Preserve. It truly celebrates everything that is most beautiful about Arizona. From the sunset to the looming saguaros, it exuded our Arizona roots to the core. We were taking some photos as the sun was setting directly after the ceremony, and all of a sudden a pack of coyotes scurried across the landscape only a few yards behind us. It was as if everything — our lives, the natural beauty of this place — was aligned at that very moment.

Makes you want to have your very own desert wedding doesn’t it? And if you’re looking for dreamy images, especially with amazing light and sunsets, Mike Olbinski is your guy! You should see what he shoots in his spare time. You can see more of his work on this blog here and here.

Congrats to Danielle & David!

{Vendors} Photographer:  Mike Olbinski Photography / Event Designer: BTS Event Management / Floral Designer: Flower Bar / DJ: Got You Covered Music / Bakery: Piefection / Reception Venue: Silverleaf Club

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