Holiday Gift Wrap DIY | blue magpie for Oh Lovely Day

It’s time to wrap those holiday gifts! Regardless of what’s inside, I think a beautifully wrapped package shows the thought and effort that you put into the gift. And the thought and effort are what really matter, don’t you think? So today, Jeaninne of blue magpie is sharing 3 ways to wrap, incorporating burlap, yarn, ribbons, lace, and gilded accents to make your holiday gifts extra special.


  • neutral wrapping paper (we used simple packing paper)
  • assorted ribbons and yarns also in neutral shades (we used linen, silk, grosgrain, satin, and lace ribbons all within the cream, taupe, and gray families)
  • burlap
  • twine
  • plastic yarn needle
  • various dried leaves, acorns, and twigs
  • liquid gilding (we used Martha Stewart’s liquid gilding in gold)
  • paint brush
  • double-sided tape

DIY Holiday Gift wrap in neutral colors.


STEP ONE: Begin by painting your natural elements with the liquid gilding. This way, they will have time to dry while you complete the rest of your wrapping.

DIY gift wrapping using gold gilding

STEP TWO: Wrap your gifts using neutral wrapping paper.

STEP THREE: Wrap bands of ribbon, yarn, or burlap around your gift, securing each band on the bottom of your gift either by tying (for yarn) or using double-sided tape. You can create the look of very wide bands of ribbon through layering. For instance, for this gift, we first wrapped 2 bands of linen ribbon (A), then 2 bands of gray grosgrain (B), then wrapped yarn around the middle (C). We topped this all off with a cream satin bow.

gold gilded leaves holiday gift wrap DIY

STEP FOUR: When your gilded elements are dry, weave them through your layers of ribbon to create lovely golden accents to your gifts!

pretty holiday gift wrapping in neutral tones


This one’s a little challenging, but oh so worth it!

Pretty DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas. Satin ribbon braid on burlap fabric.

STEP ONE: Cut your burlap strip to the size needed to wrap around your present. Cut your length of satin ribbon to be roughly double the length of your burlap, then thread your ribbon through your yarn needle.

STEP TWO: From the top right side of where your braid will begin, pull the ribbon from back to front (1). As you’re pulling the ribbon through, make sure to leave enough at the end to later wrap around the box. Pull the needle and ribbon diagonally down towards the center of the burlap (2), and pull through to the back. This “stitch” of ribbon should be snug but still poofy. Then, bring the needle up on the left side of the burlap strip, equal in height to your first stitch (3), then back down just to the right of the first center stitch so the center part of the stitches overlap (4).

braiding satin through burlap for an elegant, rustic gift presentation.

STEP THREE: Continue weaving and “braiding” until your braid is the desired length. When you are done braiding, both ends of the ribbon will be dangling along the back of the burlap. You’ll want to pull both ends of the ribbon back to the front so they can wrap around the present. (Note: you’ll have to take off your yarn needle and rethread the ribbon from the beginning of your braid to poke it back through to the front.)

STEP FOUR: Tie your gilded ornament to one end using twine. The final braided ribbon should look something like this:

DIY present wrapping with burlap.

STEP FIVE: Secure the burlap and satin ribbon around your present using double-sided tape.

gold gilded acorns, leaves and twigs for beautiful gift wrapping details.


After that satin and burlap braid, this one’s a cinch!

DIY burlap and ribbon pom pom, the perfect gift topper.

STEP ONE: Cut all of your ribbon scraps to approximately the same length.

STEP TWO: Layer all of the ribbon pieces on top of each other, fanning them out a bit so you can see every scrap.

DIY burlap and ribbon pom pom, the perfect gift topper.

STEP THREE: Wrap the twine around the center a few times and tie in a tight knot.

STEP FOUR: Poof up your pom pom, and tie it around your present!

DIY burlap and lace bow for holiday gift wrapping

Holiday Gift Wrap DIY | blue magpie for Oh Lovely Day

Don’t you love these rustic chic gifts!? And three different ways to mix them up too. Which is your favorite? Don’t forget that if you try one to instagram it and use the hashtag #ohlovelyDIY so I can see! Thanks again to blue magpie for these lovely tutorials.