Charlie, I can’t believe you are 4. You have grown into such a beautiful and joyful little boy. I love that you prefer Bohemian Rhapsody to Disney songs, and you know the words to and who sings the songs on the radio (“momma, this is a Jay-Z remix!”), I love that you know if someone moved one of your toys even an inch, I love that you only want to eat yogurt and bananas all day every day, I love that you call pooping “dropping deuces.” I love what a big innocent heart you have and how everything is magical and exciting to you. I love how you see something that most people think is ordinary like a leaf or the sky and call it beautiful. I love that you are shy in public and a ham at home. I love how you talk in poetry, making up stories and songs that both have rhythm and that rhyme. I love how you insist on performing those songs every night wearing only a hooded fox towel. I love how you make us video each performance and then have to watch it back immediately. I love how you call me your beautiful momma, how much you love your brother, and that your daddy is your best friend. I love you for all that you are, even when that is a raging fournager. I hope you always live your life as fully as you do today. Thank you for making me a momma and letting me be yours every day. Even on the hardest of days it is just the best thing. Love you forever and no matter what. Happy 4th birthday baby boy.