10 year anniversary of The Notebook + wedding inspiration | Oh Lovely Day

Call me a sucker, a sap, or cheesy, but I freaking love The Notebook. Maybe it’s because I met my sweetheart young. Maybe it’s because I love a great love story. Maybe it’s because Ryan Gosling is so hot and Rachel McAdams is such a doll (and let’s be honest, you know you STILL wish they’d get back together in real life too…don’t lie). It’s probably a combination of all of those things, but I do – I just love this movie. And I can’t believe it’s 10 years old already.

Since I know many of you still love it as much as I do – a good love story is timeless, after all – I thought I’d share 5 steps to having your own wedding inspired by The Notebook.

5 Steps to have your own Notebook-inspired wedding | Oh Lovely Day

Step 1: You need a bride in white driving gloves. It’s so Ally.

Step 2: Ringbearers in newsboy caps, obvs.

Step 3: Groom and groomsmen in bowties and suspenders, Noah style.

Step 4: A birdcage veil. Because “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird…”

Step 5: A canoe getaway. Bonus points for rain and a sea of ducks.

*major bonus points for nabbing the actual Ryan Gosling as your groom. And kudos to you.

While I’m sure you can tell I’m mostly kidding, I do think The Notebook can inspire a lovely wedding or engagement session, if you love the movie or maybe your first date was seeing the movie – how cute would that be!?

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to The Notebook – thanks for all of the lovey dovey inspiration and romantic date nights. “It’s still not over…”

Photo credits: All images from The Notebook courtesy of New Line Cinema via IMDB / gloves / ring bearers / groomsmen / bride in birdcage veil / couple in canoe