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mini macklemore | oh lovely day

I realize that doing a Halloween costume post the day after Halloween is a bit lame (and late) but I had to share my kiddo’s costume. I’m really into Halloween. It was always one of my favorite things growing up, probably partially because my birthday is two days later so trick-or-treat usually led to a birthday party for me. But I’ve really enjoyed doing Halloween with him the last couple years. And we try really hard to do handmade costumes if we can. Last year Charlie and my husband were the Blues Brothers and topping that was a tall order. But Charlie is really into hip hop and loves Macklemore so we thought that would be a fun costume this year. My friend Janeesa helped me create that fabulous coat and there was enough faux fur left to make a foxy pillow for Charlie’s room – bonus!

mini macklemore | oh lovely day

mini macklemore | oh lovely daymini macklemore | oh lovely day

You can see Charlie doing his best Macklemore here. Poppin’ tags!

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