Since pregnant is the new black these days and most of my friends are on baby #2, I’ve been getting to pick out super cute + personal baby gifts, instead of the standard registry gift. I love buying off-registry, don’t get me wrong, but when baby #2 comes along and you already have the basics, it allows for some creative and fun gift giving. Here are my favorite gifts for second babies, or the momma who already has the basics.

best personal gifts for baby

1. Give the new baby his or her own lovie. This one was Charlie’s favorite.

2. Baby’s first ornament is always a great gift, and these from Paloma’s Nest are one of my favorites (Charlie has it too!)

3. Baby moccasins – what’s cuter? Enough said. As soon as I have a positive pee stick on baby #2, I’m placing an order.

4. Nothing screams “I’m not a hand-me-down” better than something personalized. I love this baby name swaddle blanket.

5. I loved doing monthly photos with Charlie, and definitely want to do it with the next baby as well. Here are two options, in onesie or sticker form. (I want those onesies for the second time around!)

What are your favorite gifts for baby #2?

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