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I’ve been a bride myself, so believe me, I know you get gifts you may not like or want. I know that you register for things to help your guests choose something that you want or need, and I know you spent a lot per plate for each guest that attends your wedding.  But some responses I got to this post, and some other things I’ve been seeing lately, like this, lead me to believe that there are couples out there that feel entitled to a “good” gift. You aren’t. The choice of gift is up to the giver. It’s the thought that counts.

So if you’re one of those couples who expect your guests to give a gift from your registry, cash, or a gift equal to what you are spending per head, be prepared. Some people won’t give you a gift.  Some people will give you a gift that you consider a bad gift. Some people will give you gifts that aren’t on your registry.  And then some people will give you cash or something off of your registry. Whatever they do or do not give, you should NEVER call them out, return their gift to them personally (though returning to the store if you have a receipt or gift receipt is totally ok), ask them if they have the receipt so you can return the gift (unless you can do it nicely like “We got two of these, so if you have a receipt let me know. But we LOVE it, thank you!”), or do anything that is less than grateful and graceful. I really can’t believe I even have to say that, but it seems to need saying.

That being said, I do think it is perfectly ok not to like something and to laugh with your partner about some of the funny gifts you might receive. Just have a sense of humor about it.  Don’t be an a-hole. And no matter what, send a thank you card.

One of the funniest gifts we got was a plate and martini glass set decorated with puffy paint. What was your funniest or worst wedding gift you received? Do you agree that no matter the gift, gratitude and a thank you card should be sent?

PS – Some tips on writing thank you cards.

photo credit: car gift table originally found here on Oh Lovely Day, photo by Jennie Andrews.