love to John Paul Kelley

Today I’m asking for help for a dear friend, John Paul Kelley, who had a terrible pool accident a week ago that has left him paralyzed from the chest down. John Paul, nicknamed the Mayor where I’m from because he takes care of everyone and everyone loves him so much, has a wife and new baby girl named Paige at home. He mows the lawns of lots of people who can’t do it for themselves like elderly neighbors. He has helped take care of my family in little and big ways since my dad died when he and my brother were just teenagers (getting a bird out of the house for us, mowing our yard, getting something out of our dog’s mouth when the rest of us were afraid to, and so many other things!) He’s my brother’s best friend in the world. He’s probably the nicest person out there, and he needs support now. Due to astronomical medical expenses (even after insurance) his friends and family are fundraising to help support John Paul and his wife. JP has a long road ahead, but there is hope. He needs to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility hundreds of miles away from his wife and baby for at least 2 months, maybe more if we can raise the money to help pay for what insurance won’t. He is obviously unable to work, and his wife has been on maternity leave from her job and now her ability to return to work is indefinite as well. A fundraising website has been set up to help raise funds to support John Paul and his family. I’m asking everyone I know, and that means all of you, to donate if you can, whatever you can. I know that you might not know JP personally, but let me tell you that if anyone was deserving of thoughts, prayers, and donations from strangers, it is this guy. He’s the absolute best. And he has a lot of people depending on him to get better. If you could find it in your heart to donate $1, $10, $100, whatever you have and can, I would be so very grateful. If you can’t donate financially, please leave a note of support below and I will send them on to JP. And please send him and his family your thoughts, prayers, positive energy, virtual hugs, or whatever it is you do in times like these. And if you could share this on your social media pages I would so appreciate it. You can send financial support by donating here.

And just to personalize JP for you a little bit, I wanted to share this, a little video from my brother’s wedding a couple of months ago, where John Paul acted as best man, super friend, rapper, and entertainer of Charlie. Love to John Paul.

John Paul and Charlie and Biggie Smalls from Chandra Fredrick on Vimeo.