DIY cupcake liner garland
Happy DIY Tuesday!  Today I’ve got another DIY from new contributor Mariana from So Much Life.  She’s sharing a fun cupcake garland for us that is perfect for Spring and Easter parties.

Step 1: Choose a large and a small sized cupcake baking cup. Separate each cup, one by one, and display everything on the top of a table.

Step 2: Flip the smaller cupcake baking cups.

Step 3: Paste, with hot glue, the smaller cupcake baking cups inside the bigger ones.
DIY cupcake liner garland tutorial
Step 4: Merge with hot glue the two cups above the twine.
DIY cupcake liner garland tutorial
DIY cupcake liner garlandcupcake liner garland DIY

And you could use any color and pattern of liner for whatever type of party you want to have.  I love the pastels but neon would be really fun too!  Thanks again to Mariana from So Much Love (she’s also got another blog called So Much Life – check them both out. While they’re both in Portugese, they are FULL of pretty visual inspiration, one wedding-focused and one crafty!)

Are you loving these DIYs we’ve been having from our fabulous new contributors?  If you have an inner Martha just dying to get out, email me to send your submissions my way and you could be featured too. We’ve got an Easter-themed one from Mariana coming up next week too!  Until then, happy DIY’ing.