10 Websites to Help You Plan Your Wedding from Oh Lovely Day

Today’s post is another one for the newly engaged (or anyone planning a wedding).  You get engaged and then you are either: a) inundated with information from every person you’ve ever met, like ever, OR, b) you have no idea where to start, aside from on the computer…  There are tons of websites, blogs, books, and other resources to help you along the way but the sheer number of them can be overwhelming.  So these are my picks for the websites that will help get you started, and help you make your wedding YOU!

1.  Etsy.  When I discovered etsy while planning my wedding I thought I discovered gold.  And I did!  You can find so many unique handmade things for your wedding from decor, details, bridal accessories, and gifts.

10 Websites to Help You Plan Your Wedding from Oh Lovely Day: Etsy
2.  Pinterest.  By now you have probably all heard of pinterest.  I can’t even imagine what an amazing tool it is to use for wedding planning, but it can also be an overwhelming one.  Make a pinboard for each area of your wedding to gather inspiration and share them with your wedding vendors.  But my best piece of advice for Pinterest planning?  Find the blogs/bloggers you love and follow them, and use that feed for your wedding inspiration, NOT the general ‘wedding’ category, which can be filled with a lot of cheesy and generic ideas.
10 Websites to Help You Plan Your Wedding from Oh Lovely Day: Pinterest

3.  Lover.ly.  Lover.ly is like Pinterest, but just for wedding-related content, so you don’t get distracted and bogged down by all that other stuff you can find on Pinterest.  Plus if you see something you like, you can often shop directly from the site and you can always track it down because Lover.ly ensures proper sourcing and photo crediting (unlike Pinterest).  Bundle till your heart’s content!

10 Websites to Help You Plan Your Wedding from Oh Lovely Day: Lover.ly

4.  Wedding Gawker.  If you don’t have time to go to all of your favorite wedding blogs one day, just peruse the homepage of wedding gawker, which gives you peeks at all of the latest blog posts and lets you click through to see more.  The only downside is each blog has to submit their posts individually, so if they don’t submit a post (like I often get behind on doing myself) then you won’t see it on wedding gawker.  And that means you could miss out on something great.  So, on a busy day use wedding gawker and when you have time catch up on your blog reading directly on each site.

10 Websites to Help You Plan Your Wedding from Oh Lovely Day: weddinggawker

5.  Blogger & Google Docs.  This may sound strange, especially if you aren’t a blogger, but you should sign up for a blogger account (you can do it through your google, gmail, etc. account) and start a blog reading list.  You can also do it through Google Reader, but I like the smaller snippets you get from Blogger Reading L better.  You just copy the link of the blog you want to follow, paste it and click ‘add to list’ and you’re good to go.  Then instead of having to go to each blog directly, you can see the titles, beginning, and a couple of photos from each post from each blog you follow.  Then you can decide if you want to see more from that post.  You can skim through your reader quickly and go back to the blogs that have a real wedding or great DIY that you want to check out.  Oh, and while you’re signed up for google, use google docs to keep track of your guests’ addresses, gifts received, thank you cards sent, etc.

6.  Simple Registry.  A registry where you can register for anything from anywhere? Genius.  Why register at one or two department stores when you can register at one place and put gifts from lots of stores, etsy, anywhere you can think of?  I would have LOVED this when I got married because I could have registered for stuff that I really wanted for my home from Anthropologie, but I didn’t want to do a whole registry there.

7.  Honeymoon Pixie.  While we’re talking registries, I think that these days if you’re going on a honeymoon you should have a honeymoon registry!  I did one, and my husband and I loved it, and so did our guests. When you have one or two showers and then your wedding, some people get tired of buying you stuff, but they love getting to treat you to dinner while you’re on your honeymoon.

8.  Your Own Wedding Website.  You need a wedding website.  Did you hear that?  You NEED a wedding website.  There are lots out there: some are free, some are really customizable.  I used Wedding Window for my wedding website 4 years ago, and I still love it.  There is a small fee, but it is very customizable, you get a personalized url, and you can get the whole thing on a disk after to have as a momento.  Plus there are great planning tools too, like checklists, budget trackers, etc.  Pick the wedding website that is right for you and fits your needs, but make sure you get one!

9.  Emily Post.  You’ll have a lot of etiquette questions when planning your wedding.  You can look to the blogs, google search, ask your favorite former-bride.  Or you can go to the expert on all things etiquette.  This is a great site to bookmark so you have a place to find answers when you find yourself asking “how do I word my wedding invitation envelopes if I’m not doing an inner envelope?” or “how do I let my guests know we aren’t inviting kids to the wedding?”

10.  Wedding Blogs.  You know them.  You love them.  You love LOTS of them.  There are wedding planning blogs and wedding inspiration blogs, and some that do a little of both, like Oh Lovely Day!  There are also sites like Weddingbee and Wed Over Heels that have blogs, but are also communities where you can post, ask questions, and talk things out with other brides.  But there may be some out there you don’t know about that you would really love.  So I would love for you to list your favorite wedding blogs in the comments.  You might mention one another bride doesn’t know.  So share and spread the word – what are your favorite wedding blogs?  And if I missed another website you think is great for wedding planning, share that too!