how to brand your wedding

I say it a lot, and it is basically the whole point of my starting this blog, but I think the best way to make your wedding special is to make it personal.  To make it YOU.  Don’t choose the the cliche’ song to dance to during your first dance and don’t say the traditional vows if they don’t feel special to you. You can personalize your ceremony, your invitation suite, your favors, the music you play…basically everything you can think of.  That is not to say you should personalize every single element of your day, because that can be overwhelming and overkill.  But if you start simple with a basic idea or element that you like, and find ways to include that idea in different aspects of your day, that is personalizing. And if you can throw some DIY projects in along the way, even better!

One way to personalize different aspects of your wedding cohesively is to use the same element in different places or ways.  A good way of doing that is through a monogram, wedding “logo”, or something similar.  Here are examples of how to use the same bit of design on different items to basically create a personalized “brand” for your wedding.  You start with the design itself (in my case a monogram) and then incorporate it on something early on like your save-the-dates or wedding website.  That way it will be recognizable already once people see it at your wedding.  Ideas for using branding in your wedding:

Incorporate it into ceremony details like your programs.

how to brand your wedding |

And also into reception elements like cupcake flags and drink stirs:

how to brand your wedding |

how to brand your wedding |

You can even incorporate your brand on things like out-of-town bags:

how to brand your wedding |
I put it on our itinerary, the “hangover helpers” we made for the bags, and on the tote I DIY’d to hold all of the goodies.

See how taking one element and making it your wedding “brand” can help you easily tie all of your details together?  And if the photos looked familiar, these photos were from my wedding, and the monogram was my own wedding branding.

Program, cupcake, and drink photos taken by Jennifer Roper, all other photos taken by me, and products designed by Tilde Designs.

What did you use, or are you planning to use, for your personal wedding brand?