I know, I know!  It’s been too long since I posted a DIY for you, but I promise that once I get this redesign done and launched I will make up for it and give you DIY on the regular.  But I do have a little DIY for you today, plus a little peek into the new Oh Lovely Day (launching in just a couple weeks…EEEK!)
I made this paint chip confetti garland for a fun shoot I did with Amy Stone Photography to celebrate the new Oh Lovely Day.  It is super easy, basically free, and so fun for birthdays, kid’s room decor, weddings, showers…a random Wednesday afternoon.  Confetti garland makes every day more festive and fun!
{materials needed}
  •  lots of paint chip swatches (free at any home improvement store)
  • yarn that matches your palette (I used one with a bit of sparkle weaved in)
  • a circle hole punch
  • glue or double-side tape (for sticking two holes together so each side has color)
  • large eye needle
  • optional: glittery card stock, in case you want to add a little sparkle to your garland like I did
1.  Start with your pretty pile of punched holes.  Glue or tape two holes together so it is pretty on both sides.
2.  String your yarn through your large eye needle and put your needle through a punched hole.
3.  Pull each strung hole down and continue stringing until they’re all strung.
4.  Space your holes as you like along your yarn.  Then hang and display!
Do you love?  My favorite part?  The color palette, which just so happens to be the colors of the new Oh Lovely Day!  Are you as excited as I am?  Probably not, because I’m pretty freaking excited.  But I hope you’re a little excited…
Mark your calendars – the new Oh Lovely Day will be launching on February 11th!  And we’ll be celebrating with some FAB giveaways of some of my favorite things (not “you get a car” kind of favorite things, but pretty great stuff!)
{credits} DIY: Oh Lovely Day / Photography: Amy Stone / sequin jacket: Asos / coral silk popover top: Madewell / pouf: ban.do / hair: fiore beauty / makeup: elegance by alex
Amy Stone Photography and Elegance by Alex are members of the Lovely Vendor Guide.  If you’d like to apply to be a Lovely Vendor, go here.