I know I said I was taking a break until the new year, but I had to pop in to say goodbye to 2012.  It was a really good year to me.  2011 was filled with a lot of negativity.  2012 was all about moving onward and upward.  2012 was the year we took Charlie to Disneyland, saw Mumford & Sons in concert for the first time and Coldplay in concert for the 5th time, voted for President Obama, learned how to fishtail braid, learned how to use photoshop, dressed Charlie & my husband as the Blues Brothers and went trick-or-treating, watched the Olympics almost every night, discovered the sock bun, watched the entire series of both the Wire & Breaking Bad.  But these are my favorite highlights…

My baby became a little boy.  I watched Charlie turn into this hilarious little person, who cracks me up, challenges me, and amazes me on an hourly basis.

We took our first vacation as a family.  And boy was it a good one (and much needed) thanks to the island of Kauai and our amazing lodging.
I launched gilded rentals, something my partner Jess and I had been working on for most of 2011 and 2012.  Can’t wait have our first customer in 2013!

My husband and I rode the Hatfields & McCoys ride, and it was so fun.  Screenings, premieres, making new friends, getting dressed up, meeting Al Pacino at a party, getting beyond tipsy and ending up with a great story that includes Clive Owen, a guy from Homeland, and an elevator…it was almost too much to believe.  And we enjoyed every second.

Oh Lovely Day grew by leaps and bounds.  I launched a vendor guide. I joined lover.ly.  I gained readers.  I became a pinterest junkie, and almost 10,000 of you followed along.  I attended lots of fun events with wedding professionals and other bloggers like WPPI and Blogshop.  I finally met some of my favorite blogger friends in person (I’m looking at you AlisonLydia).  I gained even more support and friendship from an already awesome community of wedding pros and readers.

So as 2012 comes to an end I really must thank you for making it so fabulous.  Every follow on twitter, every blog comment, every facebook message, every submission from a bride fan, every “just because” email – every single thing literally makes my day, week, month, and year.  You are all so generous and supportive.  I hope I continue to inspire you, as you continue to inspire me.  2013 has BIG things in store for Oh Lovely Day.  Very very soon, she’ll have a new look, new features (to give my bride readers something to read after you stop being a bride), a bigger and better vendor guide, and hopefully even more to inspire you.

Thank you for helping to make my dream come true every.single.day.  Writing this blog, getting to stay immersed in something I love and sharing it with you, and getting to do it while staying home with my little boy – it is more than I could have ever hoped for.  Cheers to 2013!

{photo credits} top: Jennifer Roper / bottom: via Tarafirma