I am so excited to finally announce the offical launch of Gilded Rentals.  I’ve been dreaming of this day for almost four years, when I first got the idea to launch a vintage rental company while planning my own wedding.  I’d already collected so many treasures over the years and gathered even more pretties to use in my wedding.  But working full time as a lawyer, and then having a baby, left me little time to blog on Oh Lovely Day let alone start a new business.  But I’ve learned that if you continue to work hard and pursue your dreams, time has a way of helping you get there.  My good friend Jess and I partnered up and have been working the better part of two years on what you’re about to see today: the launch of Gilded Rentals.

So please, go over and see our new baby.  Like most parents, we think she’s awful pretty!  And we’d love your support by helping us spread the word of our launch, and by following gilded on twitter, liking us on facebook, and connecting with us on pinterest (and for now, you can follow me on instagram for Gilded-related pics).  We’re based in and servicing Southern California so if you are getting married yourself or know a couple getting married in the area, head over to Gilded to check out our inventory and contact us for more information.  We only have a small selection of our inventory photographed and listed, but we have lots more available, so if there is something specific you are looking for be sure to let us know!

thanks for indulging me in this announcement this morning. Jess and I are really so excited. Between the launch of Gilded and a new look for Oh Lovely Day coming your way soon, I think 2013 is going to be a really REALLY great year!  xx

PS- I have to give a big thank you and shout out to SoSmithy Design.  The lovely design, logo, and look of Gilded was created by the incredibly talented SoSmithy Design.  He’s the bombdiggity and I can’t recommend him enough, so if you’re looking for a great designer he’s your man!  I also have to thank my bestie Kate for helping name my baby, and my mother-in-law and my mom for their vintage-treasure collecting support.  Seriously you guys, my mom has single-handedly collected at least half of Gilded’s inventory.