five wedding photos to add to your shot list

The title of this post is a little deceving, because I truly believe if you hired a photographer you love and trust, you don’t need to give a shot list.  Well, not a “every-single-photo-I-want-you-to-take” list.  You should make sure you give them a list of things like “picture with my grandparents” or one I made sure I put on a list was a photo of me with each bridesmaid individually.  You should give your photographer a list like that because not only do they appreciate knowing the less obvious shots you want, but you won’t remember them on your wedding day.  So make a list, but only put the really important shots on it.

With that being said, here are five wedding photos you should put on your shot list:

{Common Shot A Different View}
five wedding photos to add to your shot list | a photo from behind the usual perspective
A shot of the bride and her father walking down the aisle, or of the couple’s first kiss are pretty typical (and essential!) wedding shots.  Why not get them from a new perspective.  Better yet, get both!
 {An Artistic Dress Shot}
five wedding photos to add to your shot list | a artsy dress shot
Everyone gets a dress shot.  But can we please start making the entire shot a work of art?  Major bonus points for the shot on the left (by Jose Villa, so I would expect nothing less) for getting in the accessories and bouquet too and making it gorgeous.  And brides, NO MORE PLASTIC HANGERS.

{A Group Shot With Your Wedding Guests}
five wedding photos to add to your shot list | a wedding guest group shot
I know it can’t always be done, but a group shot with all of your wedding guests is one of my favorite shots.  And it is one of my favorite shots from my own wedding.
{A Shot of Both the Bride & Groom’s Reactions}
five wedding photos to add to your shot list | shot of both the bride and groom's reactions
I’ll never forget the way my groom looked when I first saw him as I walked down the aisle, but I love seeing it in photos, and it is nice to see my own reaction as well.  This is why a second shooter is important.  
 {The Last Shot of the Night}
five wedding photos to add to your shot list | the last shot of the night

I might get crap for this, but I don’t understand why some wedding photographers only stay for 6 hours of your wedding day.  I realize they are working a long and hard day (which, by the way is why you should ALWAYS make sure they get a vendor meal and a great tip) but they obviously aren’t working another wedding the same night as yours, so why but a time limit on it?  One of my favorite moments of our wedding day is in this photo.  The last song had just ended, our guests were circled around us, and they were cheering for us.  We just felt so much love and it was so wonderful.  I can feel it everytime I see this photo.  And our wedding ended at 11:00 pm, so I’m not saying they should stay till 2 am.  But a last-shot-of-the-night photo is one to put on your list and ask about.

And if you feel that you need a crazy long list, or at least want to see one for reference, here is one to check out.  But please, don’t give this to your photographer.

Do you have any unexpected or uncommon shots or ideas you think are MUST haves?  Share them in the comments.

{photo credits} bride & father via style me pretty / first kiss by Daniele Dan Castilo / dress shot on left by jose villa & dress shot on right by one & only paris / group shot by Eric Kotara / bride, groom, and last shot of the night all by Jennifer Roper from my wedding