So I gave you a little peek into my blogshop experience on Monday, and you’ve seen some of the new things I’ve learned how to do with photoshop this week, like my new this OR that feature where I asked you to help me choose my emmy party outfit for this weekend (neither of which fit, by the way!)  I’m still learning, practicing, trying, and tinkering, but I feel like a whole new world opened up to me by going to blogshop.  Because that’s what photoshop is, especially for a blogger!

So you might be wondering what we did at blogshop.  Well…
my blogshop experience by oh lovely day

We met, we played, we chatted, we got swag, we saw pretty stuff, we wore cute outfits, we took messy notes, we had our pictures taken, we ate yummy treats, we listened to great tunes, we stayed cool, but most of all, we learned how to be better bloggers from some fab ladies.  We were creative and we learned how to be more creative.  I had the best time.  Thanks Bri & Angela!

I learned out to do stuff like this. (I see self-designed holiday cards in my near future!)
my blogshop experience by oh lovely day

And I learned how to do stuff like this. (I see me animating photos of my kid in his future!)
my blogshop experience by oh lovely day

I learned how to retouch photos (I also see obsessing in my future).  I learned how to do cool things, and silly things, and pretty things.  And I learned how to make my blog prettier, and a redesign is already in the works!  So best of all, I see a better blog in my future.  But now I just need photoshop CS6 so I can put my new skills to permanent use!  Which is why I’m in it to win it – this is my entry to the blogshop photoshop contest.  *crossing fingers*

*all photos at top were taken with instagram using my iphone. my family photo was originally taken by jennifer roper, and the bottom photos were taken by blogshop teacher angela kohler*