DIY wedding programs and CD favors combo tutorial by Oh Lovely Day

I’ve been meaning to share this DIY for years, but I sort of forgot that I hadn’t already until I started getting requests for it.  So, three years later I’m finally sharing!  Here are the DIY Wedding Programs & CD Favors that I did for my own wedding.

White Paperboard CD Covers
Material to cover CD covers (I recommend a white lacy material to let the cover show through a bit so you don’t have to do a perfect lining up of the covers and fabric.  I bought mine at Joann Fabrics)
Paper to print your program insert pages
Ribbon to tie in your insert pages (I bought mine at Paper Source)
Hole punch
Paper cutter
Glue gun & glue sticks
Blank CDs in bulk
Labels for CDs
A Label Applicator (makes applying the labels to CDs a million times easier than by hand!)
Songs for your CD
*optional: I had a monogram letterpressed when I had my wedding invitations letterpressed, and I glued one to the front of each program.  You could use whatever you want that matches the style of your wedding, or use nothing at all.

DIY programs and CD favors combo by Oh Lovely Day

{step 1} lay one of your CD covers down on your material, and cut a template of material to the correct size.
{step 2} cut as many pieces of material that you need to cover each of your CD covers
{step 3} using a glue gun, attach each piece of material to each CD cover.  I put glue in lines covering the entire surface of the CD cover and then stuck the material on.  Do this for each cover until you have enough (I made 150!)
{step 4} Design the pages you want in your program.  Keep in mind that when you print them they will line up differently if you are printing on the front and back, so you’ll have to design them out of order.  If you want to see my program pages for ideas, you can download them here.  You can also find more about our self-written ceremony here.
{step 5} Print out your pages and cut them to size to fit in your program.  I made my life easier by doing this at my local print shop (like a Kinkos) so I didn’t rely on my own printer.
{step 6} Place your pages inside a completed cover to measure where to punch your holes.  Use the first set of insert pages with holes as a template to mark holes on the rest of your pages and covers.
{step 7} Punch your holes on the rest of your pages and covers.
{step 8} Using your ribbon, tie one set of pages inside a cover.  Use the first ribbon length to cut remaining ribbon to size before tying in the remaining pages.
{step 9} If using something on the cover of your program, glue it on to the otherwise completed program covers.
{step 10} Create your playlist to burn on the CDs.  I used our favorite love songs as a couple, our first dance song, and the song I walked down the aisle to.  (there may be a licensing issue if you choose songs that are protected and reproduce & distribute them to your guests, so be aware of that)
{step 11} Once your CDs are burned, place the labels on them using your label applicator.
{step 12} Put a CD in each completed program.  Then you’re DONE!

wedding DIY program and CD favor combo by Oh Lovely Day

Let me know if you have any questions about this DIY.  I will say that I STILL have guests from our wedding, three years later, that tell me how much they loved their CD and how they still listen to it.  That’s my favorite kind of wedding favor!

wedding programs and CD favors DIY by Oh Lovely Day
wedding programs and CD favors DIY tutorial from Oh Lovely Day
Will you be trying these programs & favors combo?  If so, please share the end result with me!

*all photos by Jennifer Roper from my wedding