tips for making your wedding style cohesive by oh lovely day
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I think today’s post is so important when it comes to creating the style and feel of your wedding.  I always say you should make your wedding YOU, but you also need to pick a style and stick to it.  It is so easy to get off track when you start planning because you like so many ideas and styles and you want to find a way to include them all.  That’s why I also say only think about your wedding style, but don’t make any decisions until you are focused.

tips for keeping your wedding style cohesive by oh lovely day

So start by asking yourself some questions:  What does your home decor look like?  What colors do you gravitate towards?  What season are you getting married in?  Have you picked your venue, and if so, what type of style best fits within it?  Because I have to stress that if you mix up too many ideas and styles, your wedding is going to look like it has multiple personalities.  NOT GOOD.  Are you getting married in a vintage setting, but want a modern wedding? Your wedding is going to look confused, so pick a venue that matches your style, or pick a style that matches your venue.  Do you love several ideas for a guestbook?  Pick your favorite, because your guests are barely going to have a chance to do one with all of the other festivities going on.  You don’t want ten fingerprints on a guestbook tree, five advice messages written in a book, and puzzle pieces written on.  You want one that all of your guests participate in making special for you.  Basically, pick one idea for each element of your wedding, and make sure they all flow together and compliment each other.

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There are ways to mix ideas and styles successfully, but it usually takes professional (help of the wedding stylist and/or planner variety).  If you’re not the best at doing this type of thing yourself, my best advice to you is to hire help or stick with one style.  Remember, SIMPLE is always better than overdone or including too many ideas or things into your wedding.

Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”  I think that idea also applies to weddings: Before you make a decision, make a list of your ideas, and then cross at least one off the list.  Just keep it simple, and make it you, and you’ll have a wedding style that is cohesive and lovely.

So, agree or disagree?  Do you think you should throw everything but the kitchen sink into your wedding decor and style if you want it, or do you think keeping it cohesive keeps it chic and classy?