Happy Almost-Weekend Day!  I’m really excited for the weekend because my mom is coming to town to babysit Charlie so my hubs and I can go on a roadtrip for the weekend for our 3 year anniversary.  We’re headed up the central coast to Cambria.  If anyone has a favorite spot, restaurant, etc. please share!
Since last week’s tips post was all about making and cutting your guest list, I thought a good follow up to that would be how to word wedding invitations.  I found this infographic to guide you, and I think you might find it really helpful.
a guide for wording your wedding invitations by lasso'd moon via oh lovely day
I had a hard time wording my wedding invitations at first, because my father is deceased and my mother is remarried.  But I didn’t want to include my stepfather without including my dad, and including both got wordy and complicated.  And I didn’t want my invitations to seem too formal or stuffy.  So my husband and I opted to go with “together with their families.”  I also loved our last line “dinner, dancing, and delight to follow.”  For more of our wording, you can see my invitation below.
a guide to wording wedding invitations | wedding invitation of Chandra of Oh Lovely Day by Tilde Designs
wedding invitation suite of oh lovely day by tilde designs
{photo by jennifer roper & invite by tilde designs from my wedding}
If you liked my invitations, you can see more of my paper goods here, all done by Tilde Designs (aka my bestie and maid of honor!).  She’s good you guys – she doesn’t have much up on etsy right now because she already has so many orders, including my brother’s wedding stationery.
I hope this guide on wording your wedding invitations is helpful to you, and if you need advice about a specific situation and how to word your invitation (like I had) feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll answer or find an answer for you!