Happy Friday and end to our first official week on the new schedule! (if you aren’t familiar, see monday’s post below in the weekly wrap-up)  I LOVED this new line-up, how about you?  Please give me feedback, because the tweaks I’m making are because of the survey results and reader requests, and I want to make YOU, my lovely readers, happy!  So without further adieu…

{weekly wrap-up}
…in case you missed any of this week’s posts:
{monday} behind the veil of louise from b.loved
{tuesday} a DIY summer bouquet + bonus centerpiece & boutonniere!
{wednesday} a minimalist DIY West Village wedding
{thursday} the 5 things you should do first when you get engaged
{pins of the week}
this week is the week I finally made myself implement some of my favorite home improvement & DIY pins!  I collect and collect and collect, and I never put them to use.  well, now I am!  so I’m including a couple of those in my pins of the week (and I’ll share more in the coming weeks!), along with some wedding favorites for you too.
fun sign idea for your e-session from Kimbry Studios (photo above)
light your tables from underneath the table linens to make them glow to life
retro & fun, this take on a “cigarette girl” passing out fun candy at your wedding is too good.
shower your first married kiss with a confetti blanket.  what better way to celebrate!?
this is the best personalized wedding cornhole board I’ve ever seen.
have you finished a book and don’t know what to read next? now you will.
because I can never remember, I finally printed this for my fridge.
a mystery smell caused me to try this – and it works!
we know keeping your toothbrush on the sink (which my fam does) is gross.  so I bought these
      (haven’t yet received them, so stay tuned…)
{hey, Gosling}
he does it on purpose.  he knows exactly what to do to make me swoon a little more.  first, there was this (actually FIRST there was the Notebook, but that’s a given).  and then there was this.  this week, it was this.  Seriously!?  he can do no wrong.  except to my husband 🙂  
And then I saw this (thanks Mindy!) and now I really want it.  yes, that is a ryan gosling tea towel!
I hope that ends your week on a super hot note.  Check out those pins and tell me your favorite.  Better yet, share some of your favorite pins with me in the comments – then I’ll find even more fun things to obsess over 🙂

Also, I’m guest posting over at Baci Designer today, sharing the 4 things I’m currently lusting after.  Of course I’m totally adding said tea towel above to that list!

And if you liked this post from last weekend, be sure to come by tomorrow for a giveaway!