I’ve been in a ton of weddings.  Seriously.  I was a flower girl five times and have been a bridesmaid seven times (soon to be eight times after my brother’s wedding).  I’m a freaking bridal party professional!  Out of all of them I think my favorite thing I ever wore was a floral crown as a flower girl.  I used it and my pink dress to be a princess for Halloween several years after.  So you know I’m loving this floral crown trend I’m seeing on brides!
There is something so romantic and bohemian about a floral crown, but it can be done in so many different ways it really can fit every bride’s style.  And if you aren’t thrilled with the idea of wearing one yourself, your flower girls would love to!  Here are some ideas:
Want a floral crown of your own?  Let your florist know and she what suggestions they might have.  If you would prefer to go the faux floral route you have two options:  buy or DIY.
{BUY} check out whichgoose, twigs & honey, de looptessa kim, gilded shadows, or just do a search on Etsy for lots of options.
{DIY}, check out these tutorials from The Beauty Department, Green Wedding Shoes, and Bleubird.
So what do you think?  Love floral crowns on brides or think they should be left to the flower girls?  I would totally rock one similar to numbers 2, 4, and 7 myself!
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