Today’s guest post comes to us from Favor Craver, which is about all things wedding favor!  She also writes a fantasic blog called Code it Pretty for you bloggers and she has helped me with my own blog.  Today she is sharing a great favor idea with us, and one that you can DIY!  I’m planning on trying some of these just for fun! Take it away, Marie.

I love edible favors, but sometimes it seems like they’re all sweets and candies. After your guests had their fill of sweet wedding cake and champagne, they might find something savory a bit more tempting. Have you considered salt as a favor?
There’s a whole world of gourmet salts and salt-based recipes that would work perfectly as favors, and no matter what your level of DIY skill there’s one you can do!
Artisanal “finishing” salts, like Himalayan pink salt or fleur de sel, are the easiest to package as favors. Simply funnel them into little jars — cork-stopped jars look great! The crystalline beauty of the salt doesn’t need a lot of decoration to look lovely on your reception tables.
Are you up for a bigger DIY project? How about flavoring your own salt? There’s a huge variety of options for flavoring salt, and I’d love to introduce you to some of my favorites! These are all simple to make and loaded with flavor.
Rosemary infused salt has a mild flavor that almost everyone enjoys. It pairs beautifully with poultry and veggies, and it smells divine.

Citrus salts and are delicious on seafood, rice dishes, and popcorn. And they’re pretty, too!

If you want to go bold and spicy, give Sriracha salt a try! This flavored salt infused with the famous “rooster sauce” is pretty serious stuff. But, if you’re hosting an adventurous crowd, they’ll love sprinkling this hot salt on grilled meats or noodle dishes.
These are all great favor ideas, but what if you’re truly culinarily inclined?  Some of the most amazing salty favors are challenging — you’ll need a little extra planning and a lot of kitchen panache to pull these off.
Mix the sweet and savory worlds with salt-infused candies, like these bacon and fleur de sel caramels. This would make an unforgettable and ambitious DIY favor, and satisfy the Ron Swansons in your life!

A slightly less sinful, but equally delicious favor idea is salt-preserved lemons. This staple of Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine is just plain gorgeous in the jar. Add herbs and spices for a bit more color and flavor, or leave them plain and let the bright yellow glow.
Before I turn you loose to go salt crazy, let’s talk packaging.  Jars are the easiest way to send salt favors home, but if you’d like to give it in a shaker, make sure to cover the holes or seal the inside of the shaker so nothing gets loose in transit! A suitcase full of spicy salt is not the greatest thing to open.
If you’re giving a gourmet salt or salt blend, a serving suggestion card or label is helpful, especially if your flavor choice is exotic.
Are you planning to add a little salty flavor to your favors? Got a recipe to share? Let me know in the comments!