Sorry this post is a little late today.  I’m on vacation and scheduled this ahead of time, and blogger ate my post!  So, I had to get to a computer and try to re-do it.  It is just too good a feature not to run, plus Rhi from Hey Gorg was so sweet to get it to me so I could post it while I was gone.  So, better late than never 🙂

As a wedding blogger, what is your favorite part of other people’s weddings?

As a wedding blogger, I have to say I am continually looking to see how an entire wedding comes together. I love seeing every single element from the centerpieces and the ceremony back drop, to the dessert table and programs come together to create a cohesive final product. I’ve also been dabbling in floral design for the past year and of course have a special place in my heart for anything floral. Give me an artfully designed arrangement or a beautiful bouquet and I’m one happy happy girl 🙂

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
The favorite part of our wedding easily was our balloon release. So many people thought we had those giant peach balloons just for fun and I can’t deny that they looked sweet in photos! But the real reason we had them was to release after our first look in honor and memory of my Nan. She was my best friend and the kindest person I’ve ever known; I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to her and releasing those balloons seemed right. In lieu of a funeral when she passed, we release dozens of pink balloons with notes attached to each from friends and family. I loved being able to mimic this tradition and tribute again on our big day. 

What was the first piece of wedding planning you did (booked venue, bought dress, etc.)?
Honestly, I’m not sure I remember what detail we secured first for our wedding since we were engaged for a very long 2.5 years! I think before anything, I had a vision in my head and perhaps even a few colors picked out but I do remember that once we truly started to plan, I kept making decisions one after the other (and sometimes without giving much thought to each decision, oops!) After two and a half years of waiting and waiting to make it official, I was really ready to marry my husband, fancy wedding or not 🙂

In your opinion, what is one vendor no wedding can be without?
This sounds a bit cliche since I’m a wedding planner, but I really think a wedding planner or at least a day of coordinator can be your saving grace on the big day. Believe me, they are worth every.single.penny. I’m also a huge advocate on hiring someone to rock out on wedding photography and videography for you because after your cake is gone, presents are opened and your dress is tucked away in storage, you’ll want meaningful memories to look back on. Don’t be afraid to splurge on the person who will capture all those wonderful moments for you! And save money for a honeymoon even if it’s just for a few days. It’s so so worth it!

What was your favorite source of inspiration for your own wedding?
Style Me Pretty and the Wedding Chicks have always been one of my fave sources of inspiration but as a former journalist with a background in the mag industry, I do have a soft spot for bridal magazines like The Knot, WedLuxe and BRIDES. Something about ripping out pages of a magazine or flipping through a publication while curled up on the couch; it’s just my kind of thing.

Your favorite wedding memory?
My fave wedding memory is easily walking down the aisle with my sweet Dad and saying my vows to my husband. I’m such a softie and a sucker for a love story so being a part of my own was really an out of body experience of sorts. 

Were you a DIY bride?  If so, what did you DIY? 
I planned my wedding completely on my own while my husband was 13 hours away and most of my bridesmaids were scattered around the nation. As I was finishing my graduate program and was in school full time, plus juggling a part time job, I really felt like I took on everything absolutely on my own with little time and money to do so. I did a ton of DIY projects to save money on little details, honed in on things that weren’t necessarily trendy but rather reflected my husband and I as a couple, and in the end was able to just be content with how things unfold. Your wedding day will be one of the greatest days of your life, Louboutins on your feet or not 🙂

All photos by Amanda Wilcher
GAH!  Don’t you just love Rhi’s gorgeous wedding!?  She is a girl after my own heart and she did such a fab job.  If I was getting married now and lived in her area, I would SO want her as my planner!  Thanks, Rhi!  xx