I feel like I’ve totally been letting y’all down lately with my lack of DIY posts.  Creating my own DIY projects is just something I haven’t had time for since baby.  I did SO many original DIY projects B.C. (before Charlie) but finding the time, having the energy, and being able to have scissors around has been hard to do since.  But I still want to at least share ideas that I love, so I’m going to do that more.  And if I start slacking, remind me, ‘kay?

So, today’s DIY is Confetti System inspired (for those who totally love the look of Confetti System like I do, but need a more budget-friendly option).  I give you The Tassel Garland!

You can make them big or small, long or short, multi-color, metallic…whatever you want!  They are perfect for parties, showers, a kid’s room, and of course, a wedding.  See below if you don’t believe me!
See!?  How fab does that look incorporated into wedding decor?  So, let’s make some!
Depending on the DIY instructions you follow, you’ll need slightly different materials.  But as a start you will need tissue paper in whatever colors and textures you want, a rotary cutting tool, hot glue, and something like rope to tie the tassels to.  I love the idea of incorporating shiny or sparkly ones to make it more festive rather than just basic tissue paper.  So follow one of the links below and get to making!  And if you do make some, tweet me or email me some pics 🙂
Mini Tassels from Oh Happy Day – great for favor box decor!
Mini Tassel Garland from Mint Love Social Club for The Knotty Bride – fun for table decor or to tie to balloons to make a cooler look than the usual lame ribbon!
Tissue Tassel Garland from Jesyka D’Itri Marés for Green Wedding Shoes – Love these for wedding dessert tables or photobooth backdrops or to hang above the dance floor!
Well, are you hoping for more DIY posts?  What would you like to see?  Do you love the tassel garland too?  Thoughts puhleeze 🙂
Also, I’m guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs today.  Go see my board inspired by Love and Lavender over at their place today and show some love.  And wish Ellen a big congrats on her new baby girl while you’re there!