Happy Friday my lovelies!  Today, in addition to my usual weekly wrap up I’ve got a bride in need of some help.  I love when brides who read this blog ask for advice, but I thought we should open it up to all of you so she can different suggestions on how to handle this.  I hope we can help her, so please leave a comment with a solution suggestion!

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And finally, our reader question, which comes to us from Brea:

I really need help! Okay, so I’m planning my wedding and just started my guest list and need advice! Were having a super small wedding, close family and friends, so around 45 people and I need input on what to do with my dad’s mom and her creepy husband?! I haven’t seen them in at least 5 years the (only contact has been when they sent me a small congratulations email when I had my daughter 3 months ago), they are extremely rude to my mom and they just make me supremely uncomfortable. The problem I’m having is, is it ok to not invite them to the wedding? I’m inviting my mom’s mom and dad and my father’s dad and his wife, so is not inviting them rude?? My father got upset when I told him I had no plans of inviting them but I stood my ground and said no way and now I’m second guessing if this is right even though it is my fiancé and I’s day and this is what we want.  Thanks for all the help!! 

Brea, here are my thoughts:  Why are they rude and creepy?  Have they done something specific to you or your mom that they could understand would be the reason they aren’t invited?  Do they live nearby?  Would they even attend your wedding if you did invite them?  These are things to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to invite them.  If you know they wouldn’t come, why not invite them just to make your dad happy?  But if you think they would come and would make you or your mom extremely uncomfortable or cause a scene, then I think it is ok not to invite them, especially if you really never talk to them and aren’t at all close.  And you are right, it is your and your hubby-to be’s day, BUT you need to remember that it is also your parents’ day in a way and if you don’t really have a good reason not to invite them and it would really mean something to your dad if you did, maybe you should reconsider.

Ok lovely readers, what do you think?  Can you give Brea some advice?  Thoughts.  Help a sister out!  And Brea, feel free to add some details in the comments.  Good luck!